The Fellowship Of The Ring Book Tag!

Hello people! I hope you all are safe and happy! The other day I saw this tag @KBbookreviews and it was so lovely! And since the last time I did a book tag was around Christmas, I thought “Why not?” and here we are!

Gandalf – A book that taught you something

This may seems a strange choice for this prompt, but bear with me for a moment. This book is a funny chick-lit, a romance with some interesting things in it, an original choices of characters and all, but there is a singular feature that got me thinking: the two MCs decided to start a project that, to me, has a lot of merits. They want to make sex better for women, creating media contents with information about our bodies, about sex, in short a sort of sex-ed for adults. And this thing has some merit. I think we would need more of it around, and it was surprising to find something like that in a book that it is quite light. I had a great time reading it, and I appreciated it and all that, but it is “just” one of those book that you read when you need something funny, to take a break. And it is not about the genre of the book, it is the book itself, because the characters are good but quite cliches, and without a solid back-ground, for example, but this book has something to taught nonetheless, and this was the thing that I loved most about it.

Frodo – A book that left a mark on you

Every Pratchett books can go with this prompt, really. Because there is so much in these books. So so much! And since THUD! is the one I have read recently, it is the one that I put in there. But really, every single book by him left his mark on me.

Legolas – A book you finished in one sitting

This is the last one I have read, Exit Strategy. The other day I had a big disappointment, reading wise (and it was all my fault, I was just the dumbest person alive!) and I was in need of something comforting. So I went back to my dear friend Murderbot, and I spent the evening reading. I started it after dinner and I finished it before going to bed. It was pure bliss!

Gimli – A book that features an unlikely friendship

I think that Darrow and Sevro are a couple of unlikely friends, and yet their friendship is one of the best out there! And I really loved this series, even if I don’t talk about it so often!

Merry – A book that pleasantly surprised you

Maybe I am cheating a bit with this one, because I was expecting to love it. I love Ilona Andrews, and this series is a sort of spin-off of Kate Daniels series, that is one of my favorite so… yeah, I was expecting to love it. What I wasn’t expecting was all the feeling this book made me feel. The nostalgia first of all, that made this reading bittersweet, in some respect, and the satisfaction to see how the MC has grown and become a great young woman. It was quite surprising.

Pippin – A book that made you laugh

Again, maybe not your usual choice. But this book, or better yet, this series is just… wow! It made me hurt, quite a lot, it made me scared, it made me so angry, but it made me laugh too. And smile. And feel happy. Anf, again, it made me laugh. Falcio, Kest and Basti are just so good together! And yes, if you read this series you would suffer too, but you would find some new friends, and you would laugh too.

Boromir – A book/series that you think ended too soon

Once upon a time, when I was a younger reader, I was alwasy sad to see series end. I wanted to stay in that world forever, and the ending of a series was almost a personal affront. But lately I am more concerned with series that seem to not have an end on sight, and that seem to go on and on forever. And, if in theory this can sounds good, it is really not. So it was pretty hard finding a book for this prompt, but then I thought about this one. The Goblin Emperor is the sweetest book ever, and I would have loved for it to be a series. Maybe a duology or a trilogy, nothing too long. But to just have some more time to spend with Maia.

Sam – A book with memorable side characters who stole the show

Maybe I am cheating a bit with this prompt, too. Because I loved Mia. I think she is a great MC, and I am a fan of the series. But Mr. Kindly. He is simply amazing. And he is one of the things that I kept with me after reading this series.

Aragorn – A good book with a bad/average cover

I don’t like the covers of this series. I have read only two books so far (mind me, I loved them both. They were amazing, really) but from what I have seen, all the others one aren’t faring better. And this is one of those times in which you should not judge a book by its cover!

Gollum – A book that had great potential but disappointed you in the end

This book has potential. It has so many good things that could work well, we have dragons and a rich cast of characters, and they all seem interesting, every one in his own way but… but so many of them are annoying, or are okay on their own, but so annoying when interact with each other. Really, it was astounding. But not in a good way, sadly. At least for me.

And that’s all for today! If you like this tag consider yourself tagged!!!

Happy reading!

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