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Hello everyone! Today I am here with a post that I wanted to write in January… so, better later than never, I suppose. On my fluffy black hole, a.k.a. TBR, I don’t have only a ginormous number of books, but also author. Sometimes I read a book that I really enjoy and want to read more by that author (helped along but all the reviews I read around about their other books), and sometimes there are author that I want to try out. Obviously, time is against us, poor bookdragons, and last year I had a long list of authors that I wanted to read, but… guess what? I didn’t manage it. At all! So, I’ll try again this year but this time around I hope that writing down a proper list and sharing it with you would help me at least a bit. Sometimes accountability can do wonder!

(I would put the cover of just one book by them, but the chosen cover is completely random!)

  1. Adrian Tchaikovsky. I have read only one book by this author, Redemption’s Blade, and I loved it. And I have read a lot of interesting reviews and things about a lot of other books by him. And I am dying to try them out for myself! There are so many of them that I want to read! And the fact that I didn’t manage to read even one of them is highly annoying.
  2. Tanya Huff. I have started a series by this author, the Vicki Nelson one, ages ago. And I liked it but then I didn’t continue it. But I’d love to see if this could be still of my liking, and also there are other series written by her that seem intriguing. I want to read them all!
  3. Django Wrexler. I am a bit ashamed but… I haven’t read a single book written by this author. And I really want to! I don’t know why, but I keep procrastinating. There are some interesting series out there, and I haven’t started any of them.
  4. John Gwynne. The same I said for Wrexeler is true for Gwynne too. Shame on me!!!!!
  5. R.S. Belcher. I have two series by him on my TBR and do you know how many of them I have started? Zero!!! I am beyond hope, but I would try my best!
  1. John Scalzi. I discovered this author last year, and I loved the trilogy The Interdependency. So, obviously, now I want to read more of his books. Maybe I would be lucky and read something this year, and if I didn’t manage sooner, I can always try to read him for Sci-Fi Month in November. I would keep my finger crossed!
  2. Mercedes Lackey. I have never read a book by her. And I so want to!!!!
  3. Patricia A. McKillip. Same as above. I need to read something by this author, and I need to do it soon!
  4. Martha Wells. I love her Murderbot series, but she wrote so many other books, and they are not sci-fi. So I need to try them out too!
  5. Krista D. Ball. I discovered her last year, and I loved the books I have read, the first two in The Dark Abyss of Our Sins, and now I need to read more of her books because I am too curious. To be completely honest, since I planned to write this post in January (not late at all, here, not at all!) I have read another book by her, and loved it too… so I am even more curious!

So, that’s all! What about you? Do you know these authors? And who are the authors that you really want to read this year?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “Authors on my radar!

  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    I too want to start reading Wexler because all the reviews I encountered share a common enthusiasm for his works. On the other hand, I can only *strongly* recommend Jonh Gwynne (his upcoming The Shadow of the Gods, which starts a new series, is nothing short of amazing) and R.S. Belcher – a completed different kind of author, but equally compelling.
    Enjoy 🙂

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I really hope to read them all soon, but Gwynne and Tchaikovsky at the moment are the two I am more curious about (I think that this depends on all the great reviews I am reading about them!), and I really hope to get to them sooner!!

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  2. Realms of My Mind says:

    I also want to read Martha Wells fantasy books, I actually bought The Cloud Roads a few years back and, uh, haven’t read it yet lol. Also want to read more Django Wexler, I read the first book of his new adult series, but I’ve been meaning to check out his YA books as well!

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