Mini Reviews: Ghouls and underwater ballrooms!

Hello people! I hope your March has started in the best possible way! Since lately I have read some indie or small press books, I think it is time to give them at least a little shout out, and so here I am with my first review for this month, or reviews really, since I have some short reviews to share with you all!

Title: Awfully Appetizing
Series: The Corpse-Eater Saga #1
Author: Leod D. Fitz
Page count: 282

Meet Walter, the ghoul next door. He could be the most boring man alive…except for one small detail: Walter isn’t human. Though he was raised by humans, Walter is, in fact, a ghoul, a mystical flesh-eating monster of myth. And now, for some reason, some one – or some thing is trying to kill him. Suddenly the monster who wanted to be human finds himself pursued by murderous hunters, hounded by werewolves, and embroiled in the absurdly complicated world of vampire politics.

For once I am really happy with the synopsis, because it is short but really to the point. Walter, our MC, is really the ghoul next door, and he could really be the most boring man alive. Mind me, I am not complaining, and I am not saying that this book was boring. But Walter is a quite man, who leads a life on the fringe of the supernatural community, and on the fringe of the human one. He can move well in both the communities, and he can pass for human most of the time, but he tries to be as much invisible as possible. And he leads a solitary life, he has a family and some connections, sure, and he has a job that helps him stay integrated in both the communities: he has a funeral home, so he services the human population, but he helps the supernatural one to dispose of some bodies.
And yet, he finds himself right in the middle of a play for power, and in the intrigues of the vampire society. He is just a pawn, but he is bright and he is resourceful. And sometimes he gets help from some unexpected parties. And so we carry around with him, trying to discover what is happening, and why he is thrown in the middle of it.

One of the best thing of this book is Walter himself. I have to say that, as an individual, maybe he could have been something more. And I mean that I enjoyed him, but he is not one of those characters that would remain with you even after the book is finished. He is witty and he is resourceful, he is not bad, but he is nothing special. If not for the fact that he is a ghoul. This is an interesting choice, and the author did a great job with it. He is so well developed. And yes, sometimes things get quite gruesome, because… well, ghouls there! But it was refreshing. And original. And I appreciated it a lot.
And a plus has to be given for his family. His mother is just fantastic! And his brother has some potential in him, too.
All things considered it was a really enjoyable and fast reading. I cannot say that this is the best book ever, but if you want to read something a little bit different, who would keep you entertained well, you should give this one a try. Just don’t read it while you are eating!!!!!!!

and half!

Title: Spellswept
Author: Stephanie Burgis
Series: The Hardwood Spellbook #0.5
Page Count: 75

In the world of the Harwood Spellbook, 19th-century Angland is ruled by a powerful group of women known as the Boudiccate – but in order to become a member of that elite group, any ambitious young politician must satisfy tradition by taking a gentleman mage for her husband.
Amy Standish is a born politician…but Jonathan Harwood is her greatest temptation. On the night of the Harwoods’ Spring Solstice Ball, in an underwater ballroom full of sparkling fey lights and danger, Amy will have to fight the greatest political battle of her life to win a family and a future that she could never have imagined.
It will take an entirely unexpected kind of magic to keep everything from crashing down around her.
Warning: this novella contains forbidden romance, dangerous magic, and political intrigue in an underwater ballroom. What could possibly go wrong?

I discovered this author, and this series last year, and I really enjoyed the first book. It is a short book, but it has a lot going on, and it is uplifting and interesting, and inspiring, too. So I had to read more. And finally I have read this prequel. And if I wanted to go on with this series before, now I just have to read more of it ASAP!

This is a really short prequel, but the author did an amazing job in there. She portrayed such vivid characters, and she shows us some marvelous things, too! I mean the story took place in an underwater ballroom! How cool is that???? And she manage to make this story quite inspirational. Because in this world there is a rigid structure in which men and women have their place, the women have the politics, the men the magic. And it is so. But Burgis’ characters are strong-willed and determined. They know what they want, and they are not permitting the world to say otherwise. Sure, it is not an easy path, and sometimes sacrifices are needed, but if you don’t try to change the world, then nothing would change. And I loved this so much. We see some amazing characters, and we see the potential of change. We see how it is to really desire for something, and not just pining for it, but putting in so much effort and dedication, and obstinacy, to make that happen.
This was a really short story, but I found it really inspiring and motivational.
And then we have also a good romance, so really… it is sweet, it is inspiring and it is full of interesting sight. I couldn’t ask for more!

What about you? Have you read those books? Or something similar? And do you want to read them?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

13 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Ghouls and underwater ballrooms!

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I have a strange relationship with short stories, usually I am not the biggest fan but, sometimes, I enjoy them, especially if they are part of a series I love or really enjoy. And this one was really something! 😍


  1. Tammy says:

    I’ve read Spellswept and really enjoyed it. The whole series is really good, although I’ve been reading the books out of order which probably isn’t a good idea🀣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    The Harwood Spellbook series is indeed a delightful one and I approach each new book with a smile on my face because I know it will always deliver on its promises. If you like the author, can I point you toward her two full novels? Masks and Shadows and Congress of Secrets were both two favorites of mine and I can recommend them both.
    My apologies to your TBR… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      It is a really interesting book, and for once we have an original creature developed as it was intended to be, not the usual good looking powerful being that could be anything, this is really a ghoul and it is fantastic! (the downside is that ghouls have some peculiar and distasteful habits, but… All things considered it is not so bad! πŸ˜‰)

      Liked by 2 people

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