March TBR!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe that we are at the end of February, really! I know that this is the shortest month but come on! It can’t be right!! Anyway, usually I am more a fan of seasonal TBR than the monthly one, but I had some luck in February, since I was in a strange mood, and choosing what to read became, sometimes, complicated. So I decided to try it again in March and see what would happen!

This time around I have tried to keep track of my reading goals, while I was writing this TBR, and so we have Parsnips, Buttered. I enjoy watching the author do his stand up, and so I am really really curious to read his book! And there is no law that say that a non-fiction book cannot make you laugh! I am also trying to continue some series, and so we have Pocket Apocalypse, that is the 4th book in this series. It is not one of my favorite, but so far all the books were fast and fun, so why not? And Siren’s Song is the 4.6 book in the series, but since the author has written books more than short stories to fill the gaps in the series, I am going to read this one before, finally, read the 5th book. I am so dying to read it!!! Spirits Rising is a book by Krista D. Ball, author that I discovered last year, and since I loved her books well, now I need more! And since reading more indie is not an official goal, but it should have been, beside Ball’s book, I have added To Nurture & Kill. I am quite curious about this one so I really hope to read it!

Rust & Stardust is a book that is on my list of books I really wanted to read in 2020 and didn’t, so I am feeling very accomplished to just put it in there too. Sure, if I manage to read it I would feel even more accomplished, but hey! I can’t have it all!!! UNSUB is a non-fantasy books. And sure, my goal was to at least try and read 3 but… one is not so bad, either! And I did good in February, since I have read quite some romance so… I count it as a win! The Conductors is an ARC I just received from NetGalley. I have read some really interesting reviews around I couldn’t resist! Only Ashes Remain is the second book in this original YA series. I really appreciated the first one, and now it is time to go on with it!!!! And then, since I know myself, and I know that I just have to start some new series, there is no out, I am going with The Order Of Pure Moon Reflected in Water, since this is also a book that I tried (and failed) to read last year.

And that’s all for today! What about you? Will you write a TBR for March? And what do you think about my choices?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

15 thoughts on “March TBR!

  1. waytoofantasy says:

    So many of these look good! Glad to see you checking out Spirit’s Rising! I think that’s my other favorite series by Krista. I really need to read the last one though haha. Can’t believe I’m behind. (Or I can, because I’m always behind….lol)

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Well, being behind with series is one of the bane of our life as bookworms, there are so so many good series out there. And I discovered Krista D. Ball last year with her series about Allegra, and now I just to need more of her books!! 😍

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