Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was good, mine was uneventful, but in a good way, so yay! But since good things don’t last, the next one would be a really full week, full of appointments and things to do. I am feeling tired just thinking about it, so I am trying hard to just don’t think about it all.

What am I reading?

I am currently reading Pox, and even if this is not a physical book, it would keep me company for a while because I am reading it slowly. It is not bad, and it is interesting, but after the first part, all the different chapters about famous people are a bit all of the same, especially if you read a lot of them one after another without pause between them. So I would go quite slow with this one too. And I am reading The Raven King. I am a bit divided about this one. The characters are quite intriguing, even if not in a really good way, but they are something, that’s for sure but all the rest is sort of dragging around. I am not yet bored, but I can get there quickly. Let’s hope something (not too bad) would happen soon!

What Have I read? 

Winter’s Orbit was a really enjoyable reading, and I loved the characters and the plot. It was sweet, it was full of plots and intrigues, and we get some action too! Tyrant’s Throne is an amazing ending for an amazing series! I hope to talk more about this series, but I am trying to find the right words! La città perfetta is a short Italian mystery and it was an intriguing reading. I enjoyed it very much! And then we have Rafael. This series is my guilty pleasure, but I think I am growing tired of it. I had expectations from this book, and it didn’t delivered. It wasn’t bad bad, but neither it was good. And I have also read Half A King. This was a re-read, because I have read this book ages ago and then I didn’t continue the series, so I decided to go back to it before trying to read the sequels. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I have some mixed ideas about it. I know I enjoyed it, but I am a bit thorn about it. But I hope to talk more about it soon!

What Would I Read?

It’s time to go back to my TBR. I have done quite good with it, but I have also read a lot of books that weren’t there. And that’s good, but it would be even better if I manage to finish the TBR too!

Blogging and Personal Life 

As I said before, this was quite an uneventful week, and I had some time to read. I was really lucky, because I have read some pretty amazing books! I have also done a lot of house chores, yay! I am feeling quite satisfied!

On the blogging side, I have a couple of reviews to share, and I have also other kind of posts. And I really hope to write at least some of them, because next week would be intense. But I am quite optimistic and I would keep my finger crossed!

And what about you? How was your week? And what have you read?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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