Hello everyone! I am finally nearing this series of recap post, yay! I have talked about the books I loved in 2020, I talked about my new goals, and now the moment for the series has arrived. This won’t be the only post dedicated to them, be warned! But today I would talk to you about the series that I have finished (or the series of which I have read the last published volume). This project has really helped me out with the series because I am really good to start new ones, but I am not so good at going on with them. But this year I am really satisfied with myself. Usually, I don’t read more than one or two books per series in a year but this time I concentrate more on some series, and I am really satisfied by the result… And I have also finished a good number of series, so yay!
To try and make the point of the situation, in 2020 I have read books from 63 different series, if we count series that I have finished, continued, or started but I really really want to continue. 21 of them are series that I have started and not yet continued, but that I have all the intention of keep going, 9 are the series I have finished and 9 are the series that I have read all the published volumes of.

Series Finished

Spellbreaker Duology is a series that I have started and finished in 2020. And this is a really singular thing, at least for me, but what is even more peculiar is that I did it in the same month. I am not one of the biggest fan of the author, and I don’t think I would ever become one, but this one was a nice series. It is not perfect, that’s true, and I have enjoyed the second book more than the first but it was pretty good nonetheless. The Queen’s Thief is a marvelous series, and even if I am happy to have finally read the last chapter of this story (and this time it wasn’t my fault, the author let us wait for sooooooooooo long!!), I am also sad to have to say goodbye to Gen and Attolia. This series is something, really! Breakout and Dispel Illusion are two books that I have read thanks to Sci-Fi Month back in November. Aguirre’s series is more my cup of tea, and I enjoyed my ride, while Lawrence’s one is not really up my alley, but it was intriguing enough, and even if I prefer his fantasy books, this one wasn’t bad at all. Jackaby series is a cute one, and I am glad to have read the last volume, The Dire King. It was a fun ride, with interesting characters. And a pleasant Sherlock’s vibes.

The Last Emperox is the last volume in this trilogy. And this was another peculiar one, since I have started and finished it all in 2020. It is just an amazing feeling! And the series was great. Fun, with action, a great pace and some really good characters. The Red Queen’s War was a trilogy that took me a lot of time to read, because I am so slooow with physical books, but it is well worth the time. It is not my favorite, but our duo of MC is well worth knowing. Rogues of the Republic is another fun and full of action series, and I really have enjoyed it. And, finally, we have The Raven King. I waited ages before reading this last chapter, because I wasn’t so invested anymore in the story, but I am glad to have read it.

The Last Published Volume

The Tarot Sequence is a series full of fun, action and amazing characters. And fun. I am really looking forward to the third book, and I am here keeping my finger crossed, because I hope the author won’t make us wait for too long! Alpha & Omega is the companion series of Mercy Thompson series, and I have really enjoyed it. I prefer the main one, because it has more things in it, while the companion side is a bit more heavy on the romance side, but it is not really a complaint, because I love to see more of Charlie and his family around!! And the amazing thing is that this year I have read 4 out of the five books of this series! Isn’t it great? And I was good with October Daye’s series too! I have read the last three volumes of this series, and it is quite a satisfying feeling. To be honest I think that both October Daye and Mercy Thompson’s series are series that are almost done, even if the authors are going on with them, but so far I am still enjoying them, so I am not really complaining. Then we have my guilty pleasure, Anita Blake series. I have re-read almost all of it, and I have then read the last published volume. If we speak about overdone series well, this is the queen of them all. But still, here I am, keeping it going. Il Destino dell’Orso is an Italian thriller, and I really enjoy this series, and I hope the author would publish more books.

Mercy Thompson series is another one I continued this year, and again I have read 4 books of this series in 2020. It is really strange to me, but it really seems like this project about series was the thing that I needed. And I really hope to keep all the good work in this new year! Krista D. Ball is an author I discovered this year, thanks to this series, The Abyss of Our Sins. And I have read both published books so now I have to go and read all of her other books, while I wait for the next chapter in this one. And trust me, this is pure bliss!! The Riven Realm is another series I discovered this year. It is an interesting series, the books are really short, more long novellas than novels, but they are complete and complex. And, last but not least, Sweep of the Blade. Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite author ever, and I am really happy because I am looking forward to a couple of her books to read. And this is what happiness is, really. And this year I have reached the last published volume in this original and intriguing series. It goes without saying that I need more!

And that’s all for today! What about you? Have you read these series? And which series did you finished in the past year? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


  1. Kristen Brand says:

    I see a couple urban fantasy series on here that I’m way behind on. 😬

    One series I finished last year was Crown of Shards by Jennifer Estep. It’s a trilogy, not a sprawling ten-book series, which probably explains why it’s one of the few I’ve completed lately. 😅

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