February TBR!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe that January has ended. On one hand it seem like 2020 is still here (because really, I didn’t think that with the new year things magically would went back to normal but I was hoping at least to them not getting worse!!!!) and on the other it seems like just yesterday we were there, hoping for better things to come with this new year. And one month has passed. Wow! Anyway, today I should be here with a recap for the month of January (and fear not! It would be ready soon!) but I changed my mind and so today I am here with a TBR for February.

Since February is the month of love, I decided to try and do some “themed” reading. I would try and read some romance in different nuances, and I am really excited to read all the books I would present to you shortly, so… let’s start!

Ok, the first two aren’t really romance, but usually we have at least a touch of it (if not much, much more) in Andrews books, and anyway this is a act of self-love, because I love this author, I love these characters and I need it. And in any case self-love is important, right? And so Blood Heir is the first book on my list. I don’t have the same excuses for Half-Off Ragnarok, but usually we have at least a touch of romance in this series, too, and I really want to go on with that so… here it went! But for the next two books we would set aside the fantasy element, I promise! I have started Sakavic’s series ages ago, and I enjoyed the first book. I can’t really remember a lot about it, but I remember that I wanted to continue it, so maybe its time has arrived! I really hope to enjoy The Raven King. And then we have The Roomate. This book was featured in one of the latest Blame it on the community posts, and I am dying to try it out!

I discovered Stephanie Burgis in 2020 and Snowspelled was a great book, so it is time to go on with the series! And I know that Spellswept is a short novel and it is a prequel, but I am dying to go back to this world, and after this prequel I have also the sequel waiting for me! I cannot wait! Stocking and Spells was almost a given, since a cozy read would be right at home in the month of love! And I am soooo looking forward to this series. Alessandra Torre is an author that I really enjoy. It seems like ages since I have read one of her books (and it seems ages, because it really was ages, argh!) but she tried her hands at different genres and so far I was never disappointed! And Tripping on a Halo seems at home in this list! And then we have a special guest: Winter’s Orbit. I wanted to put just 7 books in this list, to keep the things easy, but I have to read this book and so, in the end, I conceded. I am really really weak!!!!!

What do you think about these books? Have you read them? And would you follow a TBR for February? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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