Hello everybody! Lately, I am not so present as usual in there, but I hope I would go back to normal soon. I am in a kind of a slump. It is not really a reading slump, because I am reading (even if the latest books were quite a disappointment, sigh!) but maybe it is a blogging slump. Anyway, I hope to be back to normal soon, and in the meantime I am finally back with the second part of the best books of the 2020!

The first part (that you can find here) was more organized, with a book (or two!) for each category, but… but this one won’t be like that, sadly. Choosing the category for the other post was quite easy, because the majority of books there weren’t fantasy, because I kept them for this post. In there you would find fantasy, new authors, new series, indies, not indies, old series, and so on so on… I cannot simply choose one of them, and I cannot find enough categories to showcase all of them in a more orderly fashion…. sorry not sorry! So, let’s begin!

Those three were all new to me authors, and they all were on my TBR for quite some time. But I am really really so glad to have finally read them!!! The Goblin Emperor is just so sweet, and so unique! I loved every minute we spent together! Sufficiently Advance Magic was unique, too, but I have to say that all these books are pretty unique in their own ways, and even if I have yet to read the second book in this series, I am really looking forward to it. This first one was amazing!!!! And I can say the same exact things for Foundryside. I can add that I was scared to start this one, because of all of the hype but… I shouldn’t have feared! It was just so good!

This was also an amazing year for sci-fi! I discovered Lois McMaster Bujold and I am in love with this series. I have loved both Shards of Honor and its sequel, Barrayar, and I am looking forward to read more of them in 2021! In 2019 I have started the Murderbot series, and I enjoyed the first book, quite a lot, but… but I wasn’t in love with it. I had some pretty high expectations, and I think that they didn’t help, at all. But then I have read the second book, and then the third, because I fell in love with this pretty unique Murderbot, and now I need more! And, finally, I have read a Becky Chambers book!!! I cannot believe that I have waited so much, but The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet was an amazing journey in space with a fantastic crew!

These three weren’t surprises, because I loved their prequel and I loved them. So much! Saint’s Blood is really bittersweet and the author really is cruel with us, poor softhearted readers, and with his characters. How can you, De Castell, how can you???? The Hanged Man was as much fun as the first one, and I couldn’t stop reading it. It was fast-paced, action packed and fun. A lot of fun! And then we have Ilona Andrews. I really love her books, and this year I have read Sweep of the Blade and Sapphire Flame. And I loved them. Kate Daniel’s is my favorite series by this author, but all the others are just good. So so good!

Cast in Shadow was on my TBR since forever, I really don’t know why I have waited so long to start this series, but once started I couldn’t stop. I don’t binge read, and usually I let years pass between a volume and the next but not this time. I haven’t finished the series, that’s true, but I have read five books! And loved them all! And I have also devoured The Demons We See and its sequel. Allegra is an amazing character, and now I need more Krista D. Ball books. I need them, and I need them now!!!! A Deadly Education was another surprise. I have read some other books by this author but I didn’t love them, I enjoyed them but not loved them. So I wasn’t expecting anything special from this one, but the premises were just too good to pass, and I fell in love with this one. And here we have a collection of great heroine, all three of them are different but amazing.

Thanks to Wyrd and Wonder I have finally read The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids. This again is one of those books that I have waited so long before reading, and I cannot tell why. I loved it! And I am so looking forward to the sequels!! Snowspelled was totally unplanned and it was one of the best surprises ever. If on one hand it is not the best book ever, it has a lot in it that I appreciated, and it was good. A lot!!! And then we have another of the big surprises of this year: The Collapsing Empire and the rest of this fantastic trilogy! I discovered Scalzi with this one, and again, I am not usually a binge reader, but I have read all three books in a short span of time. It was just so fun!!!!

Promise of Blood is the first book in this trilogy and it was amazing! We have interesting characters, and some of them are amazing, and an original world-building. After this one I have read quite a lot of short novellas in this series, to prepare myself to the second book! Tavern was an amazing discovery, I have talked quite a lot of this book, but it deserves it! And more!! And, last but not least, we have Three Mages and A Margarita. This start of a new series was just fun, action packed and interesting. I was captivated by it!!!

So, this was quite a long post, but I couldn’t choose between all of them. They were all amazing, fantastic, good good good and I cannot recommend them enough! I hope that 2021 would be full of amazing reading as them all!

And what about you? What do you think of the books I have mentioned? And which one were the best books of 2020 for you? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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