My 2020 Reading Stats

Hello everyone! Today I am here with a quite boring post, but I want to share my reading stats, even if it’s more for myself than for the sharing part, to be honest. I find it extremely useful to have a place to see at a glance how your year was. And see if there are changes over the years, and maybe use this kind of think as inspiration for reading challenges. So… here we are!

If we just talk numbers, I smashed my Goodreads goal. And to be honest, I am feeling a bit bad, because every year I say that I should read a bit less (I know, it is shocking, but I want to do a lot of other things too, but in the end, if I find myself with some time to spare, my to go activity is always reading. And I know that there are so many amazing books and so little time, that I should be grateful for every second I can read (and I am!!) but maybe I could do something else, too, right?). In any event, I didn’t really read-read 223 books, because I DNF 20 of them. And 15 books were just short novella. Sure, since I have read some really chunky books the things add up nicely, but there is that to consider, too. And 20 DNF are quite a lot, but I am proud of myself. Letting go is not so easy to me, and it was quite hard to stop reading before the end, but it helped me quite a lot, because this year I had less reading slumps, and they were minor ones, and it helped reading more books that I truly enjoyed. So, sure, I hope to DNF less books this year, because obviously I hope to love all the books I would read, but I am not saying myself to not DNF a book, because it was a life saver!

I haven’t done screenshot on my BookSirens profile, silly me, but that page is quite useful because it is full of diagrams and graphics about my reading activity, and so I discovered that the majority of the books I have read are from small-presses, and this isn’t so bad. I also discovered that I have read more female authors than male ones. Usually I don’t keep track of this, because I don’t really care if the writer is a man or a woman. I care about what they wrote, but not much about who they are. But I know that, as a general rule, I prefer urban-fantasy written by female authors, and epic/dark/high fantasy written by male ones. It is not a conscious decision, and it is not a law, but it seems like this is what emerge from my reading.

Sapiens was the most shelved book between the ones I have read this year, and I can share the feeling. It was a really interesting and informative reading. One that I have enjoyed quite a lot. It is not my favorite book, but I am more a fantasy girl so that’s ok, but it was one of the best non-fiction that I have ever read!

Leaving the #9 is the less popular books between my reading, but it deserves more love! I received this short novella with other two books by the same author because I have won one of the giveaways that took place in September Self-Published Fantasy Month. I have yet to read the books, but I have started with this short story and I loved it! It is quite short but you really empathize with the protagonist, and now I am looking forward to the books by this author!
On another note, I think I may be a bit strict with my votes. I think that if Goodreads would add the half mark my average rating would be higher, because I use a lot of half marks, but I think that maybe I am being a bit strict anyway. This year I have read a lot of amazing books, so maybe I should try to be a bit more “lenient” with the stars. But all in all, I had a great reading year, and this is the important thing!

So, that’s all for today! What do you think? And how was your year? Let me know!

Happy reading!

14 thoughts on “My 2020 Reading Stats

  1. Louise H says:

    Some great achievements, well done. My average stars were higher this year but I didn’t review/record a lot of my DNF’s. I found myself giving up reading very quickly with some books, a lot of that was just my general mind set which is why I didn’t rate them like I usually would. Happy reading in 2021.

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you! And I usually did like you, I haven’t rated or reviewed books that I DNF. I did for some of them (one for example was an ARC and I think that it was very well done but just not for me, so I wrote it) but usually I don’t review them or rate them if the main problem was me. But I record them because my memory is quite awful and so I risk to try to read them again… I am so without hope!!

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