Hello people! How are you? Today I am back with this meme, and this would be the last post of this kind for this year, wow! I wold write another one later on, but it would be a recap with the books that I managed to read so far… And since I have a ton of books yet to share with you, this would be richer than usual. We would double the books! Or triple it… we will see! So, let’s begin!

The book community is an amazing place, where you can discover good book after good book. Yes, the community is not the only meaning to discover new books, but it’s one of the most pleasant and rich. And the additions to my TBR are always a lot when I frequent the book community (blog, twitter, Goodreads or Instagram. On every platform this is the best way to discover new books!) so I thought it would be nice to share some appreciation for the hard work that sometimes promoting our favorite reading could be!
I have to say that I won’t always be able to say where I discovered all the books that I mentioned, but all the books I would mention in this meme are books that I discovered thanks to you all. It could be a review, a can’t wait Wednesday, a twit, a post somewhere. It’s not important what, just know that I have you to thanks to making me discover new books!

The first group of books is of different genre, for once! And I am really curious. I usually read more fantasy than any other genre, but this year was even more so, but I hope to read more books from other genre the next year! The Roommate and Kingdom of the Wicked are both here thanks to Beware of the Reader. Her reviews were just so intriguing! The first book seems just too funny to pass, and the second well… I have tried the first series by this author, and I dropped it after the first book because it wasn’t really for me. But what she wrote about this new series was just so intriguing! (and she compares it to the first season of Lucifer, how can I resist???) Shades of Milk and Honey are here thanks to Pages And Tea. Usually this would not have been my cup of tea, but sometimes I need to go out of my comfort zone, and what she really made me want to read this one! The Duchess War is outside my comfort zone for sure, but I discovered it thanks to a tweet. A tweet was enough to make me curious, and now I need to read it, too! Too Like The Lightning is more up on my alley, and I discovered it thanks to a booktag, but I didn’t write down who wrote it… I am so sorry!!!

This group of books is more my cup of tea, but this does not mean that I am more eager to read them than the previous ones. Not at all. I want to read them all!!!! I discovered To Say Nothing of the Dog thanks to Honest Avocado Review. This is the second book by this author that I add to my TBR thanks to this blog. I really hope to read at least one of them soon! I discovered The Expanse thanks to Maddalena @Space and Sorcery and since she talked about this series quite a lot and recommended it to me I have to add it on my TBR. I just have! And pray to read it soon, too! Amber and Dusk is here thanks to Lisa’s review, @Way Too Fantasy. I have to be in the right mood for it, but I am quite curious! Shadows and Ivory is here because I have read a really interesting review but… I cannot place it anymore. While The Bond is here thanks to Tammy @Books, Bones & Buffy Her review was just too good!

I discovered The Night Swim thanks to Yesha‘s review @Books Teacup and Review. It was quite intriguing, and I couldn’t resist! Little Secret is here thanks to Maddalena‘s review. (I know, her again… she is bad that way!! ;P) while I have read a ton of interesting reviews for The Boneshard Daughter but the first one was the one written by Jason @Off The TBR . He was the first to intrigue me, so here we are! The Girl Who Could Move Sh*it With Her Mind is here thanks to Tammy‘s review. And last but not least, City of Brass. Again, this book was everywhere on the book community, but it was this post by Imyril @There Is Always Room For One More that really made me curious and made me want to read it!

Ok, this was quite the long post! Sorry about that!

And what do you think? Have you read some of them? And which are the new entries in your TBR? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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