Hello people! How are you? I hope you all are safe, and are doing amazing reading! Since this is Sci-Fi Month I have added quite a lot of books to my TBR of the Sci-Fi persuasion, and so here I am, to share all of them with you!

The book community is an amazing place, where you can discover good book after good book. Yes, the community is not the only meaning to discover new books, but it’s one of the most pleasant and rich. And the additions to my TBR are always a lot when I frequent the book community (blog, twitter, Goodreads or Instagram. On every platform this is the best way to discover new books!) so I thought it would be nice to share some appreciation for the hard work that sometimes promoting our favorite reading could be!
I have to say that I won’t always be able to say where I discovered all the books that I mentioned, but all the books I would mention in this meme are books that I discovered thanks to you all. It could be a review, a can’t wait Wednesday, a twit, a post somewhere. It’s not important what, just know that I have you to thanks to making me discover new books!

I know, usually I present 5 books, and today we have 6 plus an honorable mention, so it is a tad unusual but since they were all books that I discovered thanks the Sci-Fi Month I think that this would be ok all the same. And then, the more the merrier!
Crosstalk seems like an interesting but not too demanding reading. I discovered it thanks to Honest Avocado s review and I have added another book on my TBR by the same author thanks to this blogger. Sooner or later I would manage to read them all!!! Chasm City is a book recommended by Maddalena, and since all the books she recs to me so far were amazing, I just have to sign this up and hope to read it!
I discovered both Autonomous and The Quantum Magician in a book tag, it was a Six Degree of Separations and I had a great time reading it. But my memory is something awful and I don’t remember where I have read it. I am without hope… Sorry!!!! But awful memory aside, both of them seem really really interesting! Redshirts I discovered thanks to Lisa‘s review. I discovered this author this year, and I loved The Last Emperox trilogy, so I am looking forward to read other books by him. And this one seems promising. Really, really promising. And last but not least there is Windswept that I discovered thanks Instagram. Imyril posted a picture of this book and I loved the caption she wrote for it. It made me curious, and so here we are!!
And now I have to mention Nophek Gloss. This book is popping up almost everywhere online, and I have read so many interesting things about it! I have mentioned this book before, in the list of sci-fi books I really want to read, but I have to mention that the first review of this book, the one who started me on this path (the path being me adding another book to my own fluffy black-hole, a.k.a the TBR) was the one written by Jason.

And what do you think? Have you read some of them? And which are the new entries in your TBR? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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