Arc Review: Resistor

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Thank you to NetGalley and to the Editor. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Resistor
Series: Ellinor #1
Author: C.E. Clayton
Page Count: 436
Publication Date: August 7th, 2020

Winner of The Literary Titan Gold Award!

Ellinor Rask has wanted one thing for the past eight years: vengeance. But when Ellinor is captured, she finds herself dragged back into the world she walked away from, entangled once more with friends she would rather forget.
As if that weren’t humiliating enough, Ellinor learns first hand that her magic can be stripped away by a piece of bio-tech—and her ex-boss is happy to leash her with the technology in order to get what he wants. If Ellinor behaves, the device will be removed. All she has to do is deliver a package. One containing a creature created from raw magical energy and discarded technology. Simple, right?
But when her goals start getting people murdered, Ellinor has to decide if the year’s planning, her honor, and even her own magic, are worth the lives it’s costing. Dodging ruthless gangsters, she finds herself on the run with a creature of immeasurable magical abilities alongside her one-time friends. Now, Ellinor must relearn to trust the people she once abandoned. She must put her faith in technology, and her life in the hands of independent contractors, all while racing to deliver the package before it gets taken by force, or worse, the creature decides to make an appearance itself.

This was an interesting book, a mix between sci-fi and fantasy (because we have an interesting blend of magic and tech, and this was great!) with some cyberpunk atmosphere to pleasantly add to everything.
The world-building could have been maybe sketched out more, or this is just me complaining a bit because I wanted more. I cannot say because we have enough in there, we see a lot of interesting new things and races, new places and technology, so I cannot really complain but… but yes, I wished to see a bit more. But this is just a minor thing.

And we have some interesting characters! Ellinor is our MC, and I am a bit confused about her. On one hand I enjoyed her quite a lot. She is a bad-ass, she is determined, she has some baggage, yes, but she has her heart in the right place (even if you may have to dig to find it) and all of this is great. But she is also a woman who cannot let go, she is consumed by her revenge and she is hell bent on her mission. And even if all this helps make her more human, more complex and more interesting as a character, sometime it was too much for me. I found myself rolling my eyes from time to time while I was reading about her. It wasn’t another big thing, yes, but sometimes it was a tad… boring.
Luckily for us we have a lot of others characters, and all of them are quite interesting. Cosmin is not my usual kind of character, but I enjoyed him anyway. Mind me, I am not a fan of his, and I cannot say that he is good, because nope, absolutely nope. But he is intriguing. A lot. And Kai? Don’t get me started on him. He is just the sweetest! (And yes, I think that some of my problems with Ellinor were due to some of her attitude on him. And yes, it was not an uncalled thing, and yes it makes sense and it helps make Ell more real but… sometimes it was like watching her kicking a puppy. And this is just not done!!!)
And Jalani is an intriguing character. I think that maybe I wanted to see more of him, but we see plenty of him, so again, this is a minor complain with no weight to it.
But the best was Fiss. He is just so sweet, and so cute! I need more of him in my life. And I won’t say more about him. You just have to meet Fiss for yourself!

The plot is not bad, it is full of action and intrigues, and it is fast-paced. It is not so original or unexpected. I mean, I knew we would get something like this well before the mid point, so there wasn’t anything unexpected but it was not boring, and coupled with an interesting world-building and some great characters makes this book worth reading!

and half!

What about you? Have you read this book? Or something else by this author? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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