Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are well and safe! November started and this first week was just so full of things for me! Sci-Fi Month has started and I read so many amazing books (and I really mean “many”. I was busy busy busy but I have read a lot!), work was soooo tiring and for once I am not so behind with house-chores… wow, right?

What I am reading?

I have started both books yesterday, and I haven’t read much yet. But so far I can say that I am madly in love with Space Opera, it had me at hello. As soon as I have read the first sentence I was in love. It reminds me a bit of Pratchett, but a bit more “complicated”, and I am so so intrigued! And then I have started The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet. I was so excited to start this one. It is my first Becky Chambers book and so far I am really happy with it!

What I have read?

This part would be a tad long, because I was very lucky this week and I have read so many books!!! And a couple of them weren’t on my TBR, that’s true, but I am doing good with it anyway, so I am not feeling guilty, at all! Storia Meravigliosa dei Viaggi in Treno is the Italian edition of a Sweden book about trains. Some parts were interesting, some others not so much, but all in all it was informative. This is the only not sci-fi books of the batch, but, spoiler, it won’t be the only one of the month. Biosphere: Hazard it is a novella that I discovered thanks to an enthusiastic review, but I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I enjoyed the reading quite a lot, on the other… there were some things that didn’t work for me. I hope to write a review, sooner or later! And almost the same it can be said for Resistor, I enjoyed the reading, I was invested in the story but it is far from perfect!

Artificial Condition was, in some ways, surprising. I enjoyed the first book in this series, but I didn’t love it as much as I was expecting. But I cannot say the same for this second installment. I loved it! It was a fun, fast and entertaining reading, and now I need more! Dev1at3 was as good as the first book in the series but, sadly, this is not enough for me. I would drop this series, even if it is not so bad. The point is that I was expecting more, and I wasn’t invested in the story and in the characters. The dialogues are fun, and the secondary characters fantastic but… it is not enough. And then we have the revelation of the week, the month, the year! I have finally read a book by Asimov, Foundation, and I loved it!

What would I read?

Yep, this one is not on my TBR and it is not sci-fi but… but I love this series, and how can I resist??? I need to know how this story would end, and I need more Eugenides in my life!

Blogging and Real Life!

This week I had a lot of time to read, but I don’t know how it was possible, really, because my working schedule was full. I kept long hours and it was tiring. Yes, I am really glad to have a work right now, especially now that we are again in lock-down. And don’t let me start on this thing, because I am annoyed. We didn’t manage good and needed a new lock-down (and this second one has some big holes in it, to be honest) but the people aren’t staying at home… at all! The day before the lock-down started and the day after I went at work on feet, at the same hour there were exactly the same amount of people both days. Then you check the newspaper and find things like “new lock-down! Shops closed and no one around. City center is deserted”. Where? I mean, yes, if the journalist went to see how was the center of the city at midnight it was probably deserted and with the stores all closed. But at midday? Nope. Absolutely no.
So, I am really really annoyed. And yes, I am grateful to have a job and to continue working even right now. But I am tired!

Anyway, adulting sucks as ever, but this week I managed good. And I know that everyone manage it on daily basis, but every time I am proud of my small achievements, sue me!
And my little Ade is growing. He is the sweetest puppy, really, but he can be stubborn sometimes, and it seems like he is in love with our bed. We are trying to teach him to get down when we say so, and ’till he doesn’t learn it the bed is off-limits for him, because he is quite big and it is like being three people on the bed. So, not so comfy sometimes!!!

On the blogging side, this week I wrote just a couple of posts, even if I was hoping to write at least one more review. Next week I would have some days off-work, so maybe I would write more reviews, or at least I hope, because I want to share with you my latest reading!

And what about you? How was your week? What have you read? Let me know!

Happy reading!

11 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #26

  1. Ola G says:

    That’s a nice list of books!
    And yes, you should be proud and happy of your every good week and every good day, and what others think really doesn’t matter! 😀

    Wow, Ade’s got really big! I can imagine those sad puppy eyes watching you accusingly as you lay down on your bed… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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