Sci-Fi Month… Let’s the fun begin! Or what I plan to read…

Hello and happy November, everyone! I am really excited to finally begin this entire month dedicated to sci-fi! I have quite a complex relationship with this genre, but I am slowly beginning to love it!

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All the year long I kept adding titles to my TBR, so to have a nice stack for November, but as always I overdo myself. I added a ton of titles (because I have no control, and my TBR is a fluffy black hole, but this you know already) and I have kept all them in store for November. But they are just too many for a single month… sigh! Oh well, the next year I would try to read more sci-fi all year long, but for now let’s see what I plan to read this month!

Let’s start with two physical books. Foundation by Asimov and Space Opera by C.M. Valente. I never have read something by Asimov before, but I am really curious and I have an Italian Edition of Foundation Trilogy and I am really eager to start it! And the Valente’s book is on my bookshelf since last November. I wanted to read it for the sci-fi month of the 2019 but then I get the worst reading slump ever and I haven’t read it. So let’s hope this year would be the right one for it! I have a ton of new series to start, but before going into them, I have some series to finish or continue. So I’ll try to give them precedence: Breakout is the last book in this trilogy, and I really enjoyed the first two books, so I have some expectations from this one. Dev1at3 is the second book in this series, and even if I was expecting more from the first book I am curious to see what would happen next!

Dispel Illusion is the last book in this trilogy, and I am curious. I didn’t love the first one, but I had more luck with the second book, so now I have to wait and see what would come out of it! Barrayar would be my second adventure in this world and I cannot wait! I discovered this series this year, thanks to Maddalena, and I fell in love with it! And then we have two ARCs, that made me curious: Resistor and The Rise of the Red Hand. Both of them seem promising, and I really hope to enjoy them!

Speaking about the series I was forgetting Artificial Condition, and this would be unforgivable! Even if I didn’t love the first one as much as I was hoping (but I had some unrealistic expectations!) I really enjoyed it, and I want more of Murderbot! And then let’s start with the new series that I really hope to start: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet would be my first Becky Chambers’ book and I am soooo excited about it! Gideon the Ninth was on my TBR for the last year edition of this event, too, but with the slump I didn’t read any of the books I was looking forward to, so here we are! And then we have Metro 2033. I wasn’t really interested in this one, but then one of my coworker gushed about it so much that I became curious. Let’s hope I would enjoy it!

I know I am being ambitious here. And quite a lot. But I have so many books that I stupidly kept in store, and choosing just some of them was so hard! I really hate choosing, argh! But I am really eager to read all of them, so I would try my best! And who knows, maybe I would read, and love, all of them!

What about you? Would you take part in Sci-Fi Month? What are you planning to read? And what do you think of my plans? Let me know!

Happy reading!

19 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month… Let’s the fun begin! Or what I plan to read…

  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    You certainly have your reading month well planned! 🙂
    I enjoyed Chambers’ first novel (after reading the unrelated novella To Be Taught, if Fortunate) and I’m certain it will prove to be a good read for you as well. As for Barrayar… well, prepare for a LOT of intrigue and adventure 😉

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  2. Arina says:

    Just went on a big nostalgia trip w your references to Foundation and Metro 2033 so thank you! I got an Arc for Rise of the Red Hand as well, looking like a great read 🙂 Have fun w your tbr, sounds awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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