October Wrap-Up!

Hello people! How are you? And how was your October? For me it was a strange month. It was a bit stressful, it was tiring, I courted a reading slump, and I had some visions of me reading cuddled up and all cozy, because October’s vibes!! That didn’t come true, but I have read some good books anyway, I defeated the slump and I enjoyed my time with Ade, who is growing so fast! So, it wasn’t all good but it wasn’t all bad either! And things are looking better for November, too!

Books read: 12 + 3DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 1 vs 14
ARCs: 3

The Amazing One

A Deadly Education was the best book of the month. It may not be the best of the year, but this is because I have read some really amazing books, and not because this book is not enough. I loved the main character, and I loved the setting!

The Really Really Good Ones. 

I was lucky in October, and even with the half-slump, I managed to read some really good books! My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She is Sorry was a bittersweet and moving book, and it was something precious. This was the first book by this author, for me,but now I have to try the others too. Bane and Shadow was surprising, in some ways. I appreciated the first book of this series, but I have enjoyed this second one more. It is true that I have some issues with one of the main characters, really, Dire Bane/Hope sometimes get on my nerves, because she is a kind of character that annoys me to no end. But that aside was an immersive read, and even if it is not always a happy book, I had a great time with it. Bringing Down the Duke was a nice reprieve from my usual genres, and it was really appreciated. It was fun, and sweet, and I really think that this series deserves all the hype is getting. And, obviously, I would read the next one, sooner or later, because I need more!Last, but not least, there is The Decagon House Murders, that was a captivating book. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. And the author keeps you guessing right until the end.

The Really Good Ones

Stiches and Witches is the second book in this cozy mystery series and I think this is quite the right series for the Autumn. I am enjoying them immensely, cuddled up with a hot cup of tea. More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshop is an entertaining and short book. And Fall was a sweet and funny read. I really like this series because the banter and the relationships between all the characters are highly enjoyable!

The Good One

Coockmancer is an original book, at least for some things, and this parts I really appreciated. But it is not a masterpiece. It is the right book if you want something to keep you busy for a bit without being too demanding, and it is enjoyable but nothing special. Storm Born is a urban fantasy, and I was so excited to start this new series! But things didn’t go as planned. It is not a bad book but I was expecting more. For once, I really love my UF with some sassiness to it, or humor or witty remarks or… You get what I am saying? And here we don’t have any of those. And for second… I had some problems with the main lead. So it wasn’t a bad book, and maybe I would try out the second one too but I didn’t fall in love with it, sadly! 

The Disappointing One

I had some expectations from Code Name Villanelle, and I was really looking forward to it but it was so disappointing! I was quite bored and really not invested in the characters. I really wanted to watch the TV series but now I am not so sure. If We Were Villains is far better than the other book here, but it was a disappointment nonetheless. To be honest it is not a bad book, and I think that my expectations were the main problem. I really enjoyed the first part of the book, I was captivated by it and fascinated by the story, but then… Then I slowly lost my interest. By all means this is not a bad book, and if we speak about rating, for example, I should have put it at least in the category before this one, because the writing is almost mesmerizing and the characters, even if they are not really good, are interesting and the plot is not bad and all the Shakespeare’s quotes and references were smoothly encased in the story. And I gave it 3.5 stars so yeah, not bad. But I was expecting so much more from this one and so, on the scale of personal enjoyment, here it is. 

The DNFed Ones

This month I dropped three books. One was more its fault then mine, because yes, I was expecting maybe too much from Unraveling Oliver but it was just plain and boring for me. The other one, instead, was definitely more my fault than it’s. Heartlings is just not the right book for me, but as far as I have read it, it was pretty good. We get to really see the world through our MC’s Pov and it was quite unique. So if you think that this book can be the right one for you, please give it a try! For me it was just too much. And then we have Night Switch. Urban Fantasy is my to go genre, it is my comfort reading and I am ready to close one eye, or maybe two, but as I was saying before, I need more wit in there, or more humor. And I didn’t get it. And I wasn’t so invested in the characters or in the story, so here we are, sadly!

Finished: 0
Continued: 2

Well, this month wasn’t so great for the series, and November won’t be the best either, so let’s hope I would manage to finish some more in December, but at least I have continued two series, and one of them is a series that I have started last month…. so yay me!

My Reviews:
The Witch’s Diary by Rebecca Brae
A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik
The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji

And what about you?  And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And what have you planned for November?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

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