Mid Month Wrap-Up!

Hello amazing people! How are you? I am so happy to be back here, but not so happy about being back to work… but I guess you cannot have it all. I had a great time on my vacation, even if I couldn’t travel a lot. I relaxed and enjoyed myself. And I enjoyed a lot of time with my boyfriend/live in and the little (not so little anymore) Ade. I needed some off time, and I am way less tired now. But I haven’t read as much as I was hoping, and I don’t have any review for you, sorry! So I am here with this sort of recap!

What I am reading?

I have finally started White Road, the fifth book in this series, and I am very happy to be back with Alec and Seregil. I am going slowly with this one but I am enjoying it! And since I was in the mood for going back to old characters that I love, I started The Unkindest Tide too. This is the 13th in this series and it is about one of my favorite characters ever! I am so excited, and so far I am loving this one!

What I have read?

To be completely honest I have read some books on my vacation, but just a couple of them were from my Summer TBR. I am just that bad! Il Morso della Vipera is an Italian book. I love this author and this is the first book in a new series by her and I just had to read it. And I loved it! Air, Sylphs, Spirits & Swan Maiden was a nice new entry. I received a copy of this book and you’ll have a review very soon. It was an interesting anthology, even if I was expecting something a tad happier. And then I got my hands on the new book by Laurell K. Hamilton, so I just had to go back and re-read some of the previous books, just for the sake of it. And so we have Hit List and Skin Trade, but they were not the only ones.

Dead Ice and Affliction are other two books that I have re-read before starting Sucker Punch. Anita Blake is my guilty pleasure, but I fear I am slowly falling out of love with this series. And last but not least, I managed to read two books from my TBR: White Trash Warlock that was quite good, I enjoyed it even if I don’t think I would continue this series, and Northern Wrath. Sadly I DNFed this one. The premises were good and the worldbuilding was quite interesting and, as far as I have read, it was well done but… but I wasn’t interested in it. At all. What a shame!

What would I read?


I hope to go back to Mo Dao Zu Shi soon because I am missing it! And I hope that my next reading would be chosen from my TBR, but I am not making promises here!

Blogging and Real Life!

We didn’t travel a lot, but we managed to go a couple of days here and there in the mountains, and twice to some lakes. It was relaxing and it was just so perfect! We discovered that Ade doesn’t really love water, or at least, he didn’t want to bathe in the lake, even if the water wasn’t cold. But we had a great time anyway, and he really loved the little mountain hamlet that we visited twice. It is a really small place and I go there since I was a child. And Ade loved it! But packing was exhausting for him, poor baby, as you can see in the first picture!

And he grows so fast! He reached six months now, and three months ago, when he came home to us he was 12 kg… now he is 30! But he is really the sweetest boy ever!

On the blogging side… I really don’t know what you would find here in the next days! I have only one review to write so far so who knows! But in the meantime I have a lot of blog hopping waiting for me!

And what about you? How was your August so far?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “Mid Month Wrap-Up!

  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Welcome back Susy! yes Ade has grown so much!!! I used to read Laurel K hamilton’s books but her Anita Blake series bored me out after the 11 or13? I loved her Fae series way much better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you!! And yes, he is growing fast and so much!! And I totally understand about Hamilton’s books. The beginning of the series was very good and then… Not so much! The faery ones at least has an end!!! 😉


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