Hello everyone! How are you? And how was your week? At last I am back with this kind of post! I really missed discussing my reading, and my week, with you all! This time I cannot complain too much, because even if I hate the heat, that makes me more tired than ever, all things considered, was quite a good week. Work wasn’t so bad, and I had some time to relax, even if the time to relax is never enough! Anyway… On the reading side, I am quite satisfied with the books I have read, even if I am not back to my old self yet. I am always in a hard to please mood, even if it is less hard to please now than some weeks ago, so… well, I hope to go back to my old self, but at least it is not too bad!

What I am reading?

It really seems that the last months aren’t right for physical books. I have started Jade City in June and I haven’t finished it yet, but I am slowly reading it. And I really mean slowly! I am continuing the reading of Mo Dao Zu Shi and I am enjoying it quite a lot! I hope to finish it soon because I want to watch the drama they did from this book, but I want to finish the book before doing so. And since I am reading it on my phone when I don’t have any other books at hand… well, it is slow going. And it is really a looooooooong book. So yeah, I don’t see myself finishing this so soon. But I am enjoying the ride, so yay! And I have also finally started The Kingdom of Liars. So far I am enjoying it a lot, but there are some things that are buggering me. But I cannot yet say if this is due to real problems, or if going on with the reading all would become more clear. I just have to wait and see!

What I have read?

I have finished more than one book, and I missed the feeling. I managed to read The Tethered Mage. I have waited so long to start this one! On one hand, I enjoyed it quite a lot, the setting and the story were captivating. On the other… well, I was expecting something more from the characters. It is not that I didn’t enjoy them, or that I found them lacking but… I was expecting more. But remember, I am in a very hard to please mood, so I think it is more on me than on the book. I hope to be in a better mood when I would read the second one! Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders was a short novella, but now I need to know more about all these characters and about this world, that seems so fantastic and magical! And, last but not least, I have read Cast in Secret. This is the only book that wasn’t on my Summer TBR, but I was in need of something good, and going back to a favorite series is always a good way! And I loved it!

What would I read?


I am not too sure about my next reading, but I hope that it would be The Dire King because I think I am in the right mood for it!

Blogging and Real Life!

I am constantly tired in this period, between the hot weather (even if, to be honest, this Summer is not too hot, just hot) the work and Ade, who is growing so fast!!!! And some adulting things that I had going in the past weeks  (and that would be going on the next ones, too) I am always tired, and I am really looking forward to vacation, but I have to wait August…

As I was saying my Ade is growing so so fast! He arrived two months ago, and he weighted 12 Kg, now he is doubled in size and in weight!!! He is 25 Kg and so tall! But he is the sweetest and he loves to cuddle and to play, so we take him to meet one of his “friends” to the park. They had so much fun!!! And we get eaten by orders of mosquitos, sighs!

And he tries almost always to be near us, and I mean physically near near near. It is sweet but sometimes so annoying! I wanted to go back to yoga and now that he is no more a small puppy who needs constant supervision I thought it was the right time…

Day one and day two of yoga… not a complete success but oh well! We’ll keep trying!!!

On another note, even if I am not reading as much as I was hoping, I finally managed to watch a Chinese drama. It was with short episodes (short for dramas, that’s it) and I enjoyed it so much! Well Intended Love is a romantic comedy, not the best ever but just so sweet and fun, and it was the right thing at the right moment! Maybe I would talk more about it later on, but for now I am just glad to have watched it! Yay!

On the blogging side I really hope to do not disappear again and to manage to write some reviews. I have a couple of them to write, so let’s hope I’ll manage it!

And that’s all! How was your week? And what do you plan for the next one? Let me know!!

happy reading!

16 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #19

      • Ola G says:

        I was so underwhelmed by it that I didn’t even write a review 😂 I think my biggest problem was that I didn’t really care about any of the protagonists, so everything felt flat despite extensive worldbuilding. Hope you’ll have a better time with it than I did!

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  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Bwahahahahah my dog loves doing yoga with me too Susy!!! And if you follow Adriene you see that her dog Benji is a costar in many videos.


  2. waytoofantasy says:

    Mo Dao Zu Shi – I want to try this too at some point! I’m glad you had mostly a great week. Ade is so cute but I get that–my cat is the same way, always has to be right next to me. Sometimes you need some space to get things done!

    Liked by 1 person

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