Hello everyone! How are you been? This was a busy and tiring period for me and now I am behind with blogging and reading. And the hot is not helping any, sigh… I really am not a Summer person! Anyway, today I am back for this amazing blog tour organized by the girls at Storytellers On Tourso let’s start!



Title: Voice of War
Author: Zack Argyle
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publication Date: March 19, 2020
Pages: 370

While preparing for the birth of his first child, Chrys Valerian is tasked with uncovering the group responsible for a series of missing threadweavers—those able to see and manipulate threadlight. With each failure, the dark voice in his head that began during the war grows louder, begging to be released.
Laurel lives in Zedalum, a secret city in the center of the Fairenwild. During her most recent messenger run, Laurel veered off course to explore the streets of Alchea. She never expected that her journey would end in chains.
When Chrys learns who is responsible for the missing threadweavers, they come for him and his family. He must do everything in his power to protect those he loves, even if it means trusting a strange girl or the dark voice in his mind.


This was interesting reading. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t love it, in the end, but I enjoyed the time I spent with it, and there is quite a lot to enjoy there.
The main thing is that we have some great characters. Chrys is quite interesting, and even if we have different POV here, I think he is the real MC. And he is a complex character, with a solid moral compass, and who inspires in other loyalty and trust (or fear, but this is another story, and it is part of his complexity as a character), but he is a good person, who tries his best. And I appreciated him a lot.
He is not the only one, we see a lot of other characters around, like Laurel, hers is one of the other POV in this story and she is linked to a different world than Chrys, and yet we would discover that they are not so far as we think in the beginning, and we have Alverax, too. The third POV in this story is his, and he is quite a peculiar character, with some twist in him that made things more… spicy.
To be honest, I loved Chrys and I was really interested in Alverax, and I think he would have some surprise for us in the future, but Laurel was the one I didn’t care much for. And it is not that she was boring, or not as complex as the others, not at all, I think it is simply a matter of personal taste, but I found her story the less interesting, even if the society in which she lives is quite interesting.
And aside from the MCs we have some secondary characters that have a lot of potentials, Willow, Chrys’ mother is one of them, for example, and even Jurius, even if I didn’t really like him, but that’s another story.

The worldbuilding is well developed, we have an interesting and various world, we don’t see just a city here, we see quite a lot of it, and the place we see are different from each other, and this was a thing that I really appreciated. Laurel and the aetherial forest, with the chromawolves was just so different from Alverax’ desert, for example, and the author shows us all these different places, we can really see them and this was quite a pleasure to read.

And let’s not forget about the story. It is quite fastpaced, interesting, and with some twists in it. I didn’t find it so compelling, and I think that the author could have done something better, but… it is also true that lately, I am in a hard to please mood, and yet I enjoyed this book, so it has to count for something, right? And anyway, I didn’t think it was boring, even if it didn’t manage to keep me interested as much as I was hoping, and I appreciated the twists a lot!

All in all is an enjoyable reading, with something news in it, the setting is quite peculiar, and the characters are good!

and half! 

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Zack Argyle was raised with a wonderful family motto: don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. What better way than to write fiction? He spends his days writing code and his nights writing epic stories about family, love, loss, friendship, and pain all intermixed with a heavy dose of the fantastical.

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Voice of War Blog Tour
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  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    This one sounds interesting, indeed, and your enjoyment of the characters comes through clearly from your review: if the story did not sweep you away, it would seem that the characters left their mark, and that’s what often matters in any story…
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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