Summer TBR – or sort of!

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? Even if June wasn’t the best reading month, at least so far, I have managed to finish my intended TBR for this month. To be honest, I kept that short because I wasn’t sure I would have had time to read and my mood didn’t help a lot, but since I had some days off work at the beginning of the month, I managed to read them all (except one, that I have dropped for now because I wasn’t in the right mood, but I would put that book in this list, too, because I hope to get back to it soon!). So today I am back with another TBR, and this time is a list of books I hope to read this Summer.

Since Summer is a long period of time, and since I have so many good books that are fighting to get my attention, this would be a sort of TBR, a list of a ton of books I hope to read in the next months, but I would but in there a lot of books, and I am not counting on reading them all. I am just trying to make a smaller poll to which choose the reading for the next season, that started on Sunday!

ARCs/Read to Review/ Book Tours

Shadow of a Dead God and Voice of War are here because I am taking part in their blog tour, the next month. I am really curious about them, and I am excited to take part in the blog tours, yay! And then I have to confess that I went on a NetGalley spree, bad bookworm, no cookies! And I requested a lot of titles. And the amazing thing is that I was approved! Yay! And so I hope to read them all pretty soon! The Kingdom of Liars was on my radar and even if I have read some mixed reviews, I am very curious! A Killing Frost was the biggest surprise ever! I couldn’t believe they approved me for this title but… they did!!!!! And now I am here, doing my happy dancing around!

Sometimes I am attracted to books for the stupidest reasons, like White Trash Warlock. I requested it because the title reminded me of a series I am enjoying quite a lot, White Trash Zombie. They seems completely different, and they are by two different authors, but did it stop me?? Knight Watch was a spur of the moment thing, but it seems interesting enough. Northern Wrath sounded epic to me, so how could I resist??? And I have heard some interesting things about De Bodard’s series, and since this one can be read as a standalone, well… I had to give this one a try!

For the first three books of this batch, The Queen and the Tower, Fates of Ruin and Angelbound I have no excuses. They were there, they sounded good and I requested them. As simple as that. And as bad as that. I know, I know, I am without hope. And then I have two titles I received from the authors, The Nightmare We Know is a book from which I am expecting a lot since the first in the series was just so good! And May Day seems just too good to pass, too! Let’s hope they all would be fantastic!

The Great Series Read Project!

Smoke Bitten and Burn Bright are the last published volumes for their respective series, and I am really looking forward to both of them! The Unkindest Tide is the 13th installment in October Daye’s series, and I have to read this one before A Killing Frost, but I am not complaining here! And it is time to go back to some series I was starting to neglect, with The White Road!

Sapkowski is, usually, on of my winter reading, but since this winter I haven’t read it, I hope that Summer would do. Baptism of Fire is the next on the line, and I really hope to continue this series. Heroes at Risk is the fourth installment in a series that deserves some more love, while The Dire King is the last book in the Jackaby’s series. And I am so looking forward to it! And, speaking about the “looking forward to”, I cannot wait to give in to temptation and read Aurora Burning. This book is not on the first part of the list, in the Series page, but… I cannot wait anymore!


And yep, Sword of Kaigen is here again! But really, this time would be the right one, I am feeling it! Il destino dell’orso and Fiore di Roccia are two Italian mysteries. I love both of these authors, and I need something not fantasy too in this list. And then we have The Tethered Mage, since I am dying to try out this author!

The first three books are books I discovered thanks to the book community and they were the protagonists of some of the Blame it on the community meme! Since I have started adding them to my TBR it stands to reason that I start to reading them, right? So here we are! And then I have added My Lady’s Choosing.

In September I really hope to take part to Self-Published Fantasy Month and so I would make a TBR with some self titles in there, but until that I have my hands full!
As I was saying before, I don’t really plan to read all of them because well, they are quite a lot of books! But I hope to read from this list and do some progress with my evergrowing TBR!

So, what do you think? Have you done a TBR for the Summer? And what do you think of the books in this post? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

19 thoughts on “Summer TBR – or sort of!

  1. Tammy says:

    You have so many great sounding books on this list! I’m going to be doing a “third quarter” TBR post next week which includes July and August, and wow it’s hard to narrow down what to read, right? I hope to read The Kingdom of Liars soon😁

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  2. Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote says:

    What a phenomenal seasonal reading you’re going to be having hahaha I still need to dive into some Sapkowski myself. So little time yet so many books thooo! I’ve only read The Monster of Elendhaven on here and wasn’t a huge fan of it. Hope you have a fantastic time with these when you get around to them! 😀 Happy reading!

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  3. Realms of My Mind says:

    Oh boy, so many of these are on my list too hahaha. I really want to read Aurora Rising and start that series. And Tethered Mage. And Sword of Kaiden. And….

    I hope you enjoy Thieftaker! I have a soft spot for that series.

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I have read it, is the first title I managed to read because I was dying to star it but… It didn’t work so well for me, sadly! I enjoyed it, but I didn’t loved it as much as I loved the first one. But I am happy you are having a great time with it!!!


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