WE TREASURE YOU! #4 The Left Hand of God

Hello everyone! How are you? I really hope you all are safe! Today I am back with this meme, and I am ready to speak to you about a trilogy that is quite… peculiar, and that even if it is quite far from perfect, I enjoyed a lot, so… let’s start!

This meme is here to share with you all some of the books that I have loved but that I haven’t reviewed or that I have read a lot of time ago. Because all of them deserve to be shared!

Today’s protagonist is The Left Hand of God trilogy, by Paul Hoffman. I read this series some time ago. Quite some time ago, honestly. The first book, which gave the name to the trilogy, was one of the first books I have read in English. Not the first first, because the very first one was an L.K. Hamilton book, even if I don’t remember exactly which one, but this one was one of the first. It was a demanding reading, but it was worth it! Later on, they translated this series in Italian too, and I switched back to that language, because I thought (and I was so damn right!) that my brother would have liked that too, but he does not read in English, sadly! Anyway, language apart, I loved this trilogy, but usually, I don’t speak about it, because yes, there are always so many books and the ones I have read after I started blogging obviously get more visibility so here we are!

“Listen. The Sanctuary of the Redeemers on Shotover Scarp is named after a damned lie for there is no redemption that goes on there and less sanctuary.”

The Sanctuary of the Redeemers is a vast and desolate place—a place without joy or hope. Most of its occupants were taken there as boys and for years have endured the brutal regime of the Lord Redeemers whose cruelty and violence have one singular purpose—to serve in the name of the One True Faith.
In one of the Sanctuary’s vast and twisting maze of corridors stands a boy. He is perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old—he is not sure and neither is anyone else. He has long-forgotten his real name, but now they call him Thomas Cale. He is strange and secretive, witty and charming, violent and profoundly bloody-minded. He is so used to the cruelty that he seems immune, but soon he will open the wrong door at the wrong time and witness an act so terrible that he will have to leave this place, or die.
His only hope of survival is to escape across the arid Scablands to Memphis, a city the opposite of the Sanctuary in every way: breathtakingly beautiful, infinitely Godless, and deeply corrupt.
But the Redeemers want Cale back at any price… not because of the secret he now knows but because of a much more terrifying secret he does not.

I loved this series for a lot of reasons, but one of the things that make it dear to my heart as a whole is that it is quite… uneven. And it may sound strange, but these three books are quite different from one another, even if they are a whole series, with the same characters and a story that progresses from the first book to the last, but the first book was quite unique and it is a good book in itself, it is grim, it is original and it is compelling. There is irony, yes, but it is sort of subtle. The second one is no subtle at all. And it seems like the author wrote it with the only scope to amuse himself. It was strange, in a sense, but I enjoyed it a lot. And in the third one, we have the cliches of the genre coming back in force. And I know that this sounds strange, and maybe not promising, but I can say that I loved it, and I loved it a lot.
I have read this one quite some time ago, so maybe the “me” of now would think something different, it is not impossible, but this series would always have a place in my heart. It was my first take at something darker, and it is full of irony, irreverent and desecrating, in some parts, but it was good!

Online Reviews:
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As I was saying before, this series is far from perfect. There are some parts that are hurried, for example, and the female characters aren’t so great, to say another one, but I loved this trilogy, it was an entertaining and captivating reading!

For once I have managed to write a short post, yay!

And what about you? Have you read this series? Or some other books by the same author? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “WE TREASURE YOU! #4 The Left Hand of God

  1. waytoofantasy says:

    Ooh, I think I kind of know what you mean by uneven? One of my favorite book series (The Shattered Sigil by Courtney Schafer) is kind of like that. Each book feels like a different set up even though they’re a continuation of the same series. If that makes sense.
    Anywho, this seems really interesting, thanks for sharing!

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