Hello world! So, we are done with the first week of June and this 2020 doesn’t seem to improve a bit. The world is burning around us, so I really hope that you are safe. I am not very optimistic, and I don’t know how things would end up, but let’s hope for the best.

What I am reading?

I have finally started The Sword of Kaigen and I am really happy about it! I haven’t read a lot, to be honest, and I know that this book would keep me company for a lot of time, I fear I would read through the entire month, because it is a really chunky book, to start, and it really is demanding. And it has some themes that made me mad. Crazy mad (and I am talking about Misaki’s situation in particular, and women’s situation in general). It is one of those things that set me on hedge and so I think I would read it in small bites, to keep my sanity. And I am not saying this to complain about the book, not at all. So far the reading is interesting and I want more of it! And I have just started The Art of Dying. I am, as per usual, behind with my ARCs and titles received to review, so here I am with this one. I haven’t read much, so I can’t really say how it is, but so far it is interesting, at least!

What I have read?

This week I had some days of vacation, so I managed to read quite a lot, yay! Between the end of May and the beginning of June I managed to read Advanced Magic, and it was good! I wasn’t so hooked up in the beginning but the things soon changed and I really enjoyed this book. I don’t know if I’ll manage to write a review for this one, but I hope so, because it really deserves it! I finally managed to read a mystery, and I am sad to say that this was a tad disappointing. Quando finiscono le ombre is an Italian book, and I loved the others in this series. I loved the main character and the writing but in this one… not so much. It wasn’t a bad book, and I enjoyed the reading, all things considered, but I was hoping for more, and it wasn’t at the same level as the prequels. I think I would read some other mysteries or thrillers because I am in the right mood and I need something really good. But I was luckier with the other books I have read! Dead Heat was entertaining and I was glad to be back in this world, with Charlie and Anna. It may not be my favorite of the series, but it was good. The Last Emperox was even better than what I was expecting, and I hope to talk more about this book soon, be warned! Collateral Uncanny was a surprise. I had this book on my radar, and on my kindle, for some time now, and I don’t know why I have waited so much to read this. It was fast, fun, and entertaining. I could not ask for more!

What would I read?


I think that my next reading would be The Raven Lady. I enjoyed the first one, and I am curious to see what would happen in this sequel. And I think I am in the right mood for this book, so… let’s hope I’ll start this soon!

Blogging and Real Life!


Last weeks were quite full, because we take Ade to visit some friends, it was our first trip outside our city, and we went to a park, too. He was tired but so happy! And then we finally took him to my parents. He exhausted himself, and the two cats didn’t really agree with him, sadly, but it was a success. Tiring for all of us, but a success nonetheless!
At the moment he has some problems with an eye, because we are lucky this way, but he is growing so fast!!! And I am madly in love!!!!

And sometimes it seems like we have a baby shark, not a dog!! Also, he is always so graceful when he is sleeping!
Ade aside, there is not a lot going on, work is getting worse, and I am not so happy about it, but there is nothing I can do, so I have to suck it up. And they are opening restaurant, shops and all sorts of things. To see family and friends is easier now, even if we have to beware and pay attention to all the safety norms. But it quite a pleasure to be able to go out again. I am not a big fan of places full of people, but at least you can go and walk, and you can visit, and I am very happy about it!

On the blogging side I am thinking to do some recap, because we are halfway through the year!!! I don’t know how it is possible, the time flew by, but we are in June and so it is time to start thinking about these past months and see how I managed in the first six months of the year. As per usual, I am quite undecided and I don’t know yet if I would do some recap posts, or if I would use the Mid Year Freak Out Tag, that is quite a useful tag to take stock of your reading so far. But something on this line is coming!
And I hope to write a couple of reviews, because I have to talk about the last Scalzi’s book I have read, and maybe talk about some other books, too. I hope to have the time to do all of it!

That’s all for my week! How was yours? Have you done some great reading? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how is going your life?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #15

  1. Tammy says:

    I think I’ve already got the Mid Year Freak Out Tag on my calendar for early July, I just love doing that one😁 Ade is just the cutest, I wish I could give him a big hug❤

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