Hello people! How are you? And how was your week? Mine was quite relaxing and I was happy, even if we had some minor incident and I had to change my plans. But I would talk more about this later on… for now let’s talk about books! I have read amazing books, or I am reading them, but I haven’t read as much as I was hoping. Truth be told, the books I am reading at the moment are all chunky so there is that, too, but… oh well!

What I am reading?

I was hoping to finish Saint’s Blood this week but I didn’t managed it. But it is in no way the book’s fault. I am loving it, and I am really enjoying myself. Yes, it is not a joyful book, that’s for sure, but I am loving it! And then I finally started the last book on my TBR. Would I be able to finish it before the end of May???? At the moment I have read just a couple of chapters and it is too soon to say something, but I am sad to say that I am not captivated by it. But I have a long road ahead of me, so I really hope to change my mind soon!

What I have read?


I have started it because of the read along for Wyrd and Wonder but… in the end I didn’t take part to it. But I have to really thank them because thanks to them I have read this book. And loved it. Oh my, how much I loved this one!!!!!

What would I read?


I am not sure about this one, because, as I was saying before, my currently reads are chunky, so it would take me quite some time to finish them, and maybe I would change my mind, but I hope to read this book soon, and I think I would be in need of something a tad less demanding.

Blogging and Real Life!

I had some great plans for this week! I had two days off work and on the first one I wanted to take the puppy to the park, and on the second I wanted to go with my boyfriend in a near city to visit with some friends. But the Beast of Satan (a.k.a. Ade) hurts one of his legs. It is nothing major, and it is not like he hurts it hurts it, it is due to the growing, but we had to keep him at home (the vet told us to keep him at rest for two weeks, more or less, and I think it would be hell, but we would try!), so no park and no visit to friends for me. But I am in love with him, he is just soooo cute and sweet! (And quite strongminded, damn him!)


The problem with him is that he sleeps a lot,  and you could bang things, drop items and he doesn’t even blink, he goes on sleeping. But if you try to do something for which you need him sleeping, like using the PC, you can bet that he would wake up immediately. Argh!!!

But let’s stop talking about the puppy, or I can go on and on and on! The next week I have a couple of reviews that I am really eager to share with you! I have planned them ahead, and I am feeling so proud of my self, right now!

That’s all for my week! How was yours? Have you done some great reading? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how is going your life?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #14

  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    Sorry your plans had to be cancelled Susy but a pup is like a baby LOL. It will have you change plans, annoy you when you try to work but it’s so worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ola G says:

    He is so adorable – or should I say, Aderable? 😉 Don’t worry about books, they’ll be there long after Ade stops being a puppy, so take all the time you need to go gooey-eyed on him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you!! 😍 He is feeling fine, the real problem is that the vet said to make him rest and not make him move but… He wants none of that. We tried it for one day and half and he went crazy!!
      And I hope you would enjoy the reviews!


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