Hello everybody! How are you? And how are your reading going? I wasn’t planning on going on a hiatus, but it happened! Sorry! The thing is that I and my boyfriend planned to get a puppy for a long time, and we managed to find it near the lockdown because we are lucky like that, and so we had to wait. But after the beginning of the month, the 4th of May, here in Italy the lockdown changed a bit and the people started moving again. With a lot of restrictions, obviously, but it was something. And I was able to visit my parents, yay! It was amazing to spend some time with them. And then we received a beautiful surprise, we could get the dog! We were counting on the 18th of May (or after that day, in any case) because the 18th of the month the lockdown would change again (if things don’t get worse in the meantime) and more people would be able to move, the shops would open again and so on… but nope, we were lucky and managed to anticipate that, and the puppy is now at home with us! And this is amazing, really! But it was a bit of a sudden thing, I mean, I was expecting it but I thought I had more time to plan and organize things for the blog since this is Wyrd and Wonder, people!!!! And taking care of a puppy is exhausting! I am constantly tired. Tired, tired, tired! And my bf is as tired as I am. But he is the cutest thing ever! (And yes, I would leave you some pics of him at the end of the post because I am madly in love!)

What I am reading?

Sadly I haven’t a lot of time to read in this period and, as I was saying, I am just so tired! So I am going slow with my reading, but I am loving both of them! The Goblin Emperor is surprising and just so good! And Saint’s Blood is as good as I was hoping. I love this series, and I think it deserves way more hype!

What I have read?

I haven’t read all of them this week, but since I missed the last week, I put them all together! Foundryside was amazing! I was a bit scared to read it because I wanted to read it so much, and it was so hyped that I was fearing my expectations would ruin it for me, but nope! I loved it! Cast in Courtlight was a captivating reading and a good second book. I am looking forward to continuing this series. And the same I can say for The Consuming Fire, it was a ton of fun and actions. And I enjoyed every page of it! And then there is A Shattering of Glass, that wasn’t on my TBR but that I managed to read after the arrival of the puppy, and since I had some difficulties to find the concentration to read, I consider it an achievement! And it was a captivating reading, but now I need the sequel!!!!

What would I read?


I am not making promises here, since I am not at my best in this period, reading wise, but I hope to start really soon Sufficiently Advanced Magic! I had this book on my TBR for so much!!!!

Blogging and Real Life!

As I was saying in the intro of the post, we have a puppy at home with us! And it is amazing! But also tiring and time consuming. Especially time consuming. And so, between the puppy and my job I hadn’t had time to read or to blog… Argh! I am so excited for Wyrd and Wonder, and I have started writing a couple of posts, so I hope to manage to finish them, at least! And I hope to come back to the community and read all the things you have posted! But now… I have to share with you some pics!

This cute boy is Ade (the Italian name of Hades) and this pics are from the day he came home! He is a puppy, but he is quite big, and he is just so goofy!!! I am in love!

And we discovered that he loves going out with the rain! In the first pic we were trying to dry him out a little after the first walk under the rain.

So, for today that’s all! Now I have to hurry because its time for his walk again! But I hope to come back soon!

That’s all for my week! How was yours? Have you done some great reading? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how is going your life?? And would you take part in Wyrd and Wonder??? Let me know!

Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #13

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you! And you are so right! The most exhausting thing is that our life is divede in two hours blocks because we take him outside every two/three hours, and it seems a stupid thing but to keep doing your thing you have to start thinking on two hours time frame!


  1. Tammy says:

    Oh wow Ade is adorable!!! Yes, puppies are so exhausting, but that only lasts a short time and pretty soon they settle down and become great companions. Welcome back and have fun with Ade😁

    Liked by 1 person

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