Non Fiction Galore. Plus some cute pics!

Hello everyone! How are you? And how are you holding up? Here the situation is a bit confused, they say that the lockdown would continue for sure as it is until the middle of the month, but then they are saying that no! it would be at least until May, and no, middle April, and no! May and so on… I am a bit confused by all of it, and I really hope that things would start to get better soon!
Anyway… today I am here with something a little bit different! In the last We Treasure You post I spoke about a non-fiction book and I think it was a first on my blog because even if I read sometimes non-fiction books, I don’t speak of them. The main reason is that it is not easy to write a review for them, and then I often have other reviews I want to share with you all so… yep, I don’t speak about them.

I am a curious person, and the things that make me curious are quite a lot, and quite different from each other, so I choose my non-fiction books without rhyme nor reason, but I read them, too, so today I wanted to speak a little bit about the most interesting ones I have read. Just to try something a tad different!

Galateo per Ragazze da Marito is an Italian book about etiquette manuals about women and the organization of the home. It was fun, but also informative and interesting. And it made you think. Flow is about menstruation and society. I didn’t love this book, to be honest, but it was highly interesting and informative. And I think that we need more of this kind of book and representation. The Little Book of Skin Care is an amazing book. Easy to follow and interesting reading, both for who is just approaching the theme and for who knows things but want to refresh them and see what experts have to say. I enjoyed this reading quite a lot!

I am sad to say that I am not, in any possible way, a scientific person. If you try to speak with me about science I just can’t pay attention to you, if not for the shortest of time. And the same is when I read about it, or when I watch something on TV. I just can’t seem to care after a certain point. But The Science of Discworld was an amazing reading. I retained less than what I was hoping, but more than I was expecting, due to my limits with science, and I had a lot of fun while reading this. It is a highly recommended reading!
Back in November, when I had the worst reading slump ever and I took that ginormous hiatus, I didn’t read almost anything. But I have read something, and what I read was books about dogs. About the different breeds, about their training and similar. And one of the best books was The Art of Raising a Puppy. If you are thinking to give a try to this kind of reading, go for this one! And then we have Stiff. Well, this book has a particular theme, since it speaks about death, and about what happens, in different parts of the world, to the body of the deads. And I don’t care if it sounds morbid, but it was a fascinating book. If you are in for something interesting and a bit different, well… this is the right book!

These three books are three of my favorite books. They are amazing, every one in its own particular way, and I can’t recommend them enough. Experiences in Translation is a book that I have read I don’t know how many times, and in a couple of different languages. It was a book I had to study at the university and I fell madly in love with it. Hokkaido Highway Blues. Hitchhiking Japan was an amazing read. It was interesting, it shows you a ton of marvelous places and it is fun as hell. I loved it! And then we have The Bullet Journal Method. I loved this book, too. It was informative and interesting. I may be partial, because I love this method, even if I am not using it at the moment. But I loved the reading, and I loved the way in which this book is structured.

I tried to choose the best non-fiction books I have read so far, and I hope you would find something of interest in this post. But I am not done, yet! I have read a book philosophy. It was about the different authors and their main works, in a sort of compendium. But it was also the cutest book ever, because it has amazing and cute drawings in it, and I would share all this cuteness with you all!
I couldn’t find an English translation of this book, La meravigliosa vita dei filosofi by Masato Tanaka, but I hope you would appreciate these pics nonetheless:

And that’s all!

Have you read some of those books? And which non-fiction books would you recommend to me? Let me know!

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Non Fiction Galore. Plus some cute pics!

  1. Books, Teacup, and Reviews says:

    I agree writing review of non-fiction specially when it’s memoir or autobiography is more tough. It’s main reason I don’t read nonfiction. But they deserves all the talk and fame as much as fiction or fantasy. Great list and I like the way you talk about them.

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  2. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    I was at first surprised about the etiquette book because it looked like something out of a past era, then I enlarged the cover and saw the “mini-blurb” under the title: a search in Google told me that this book must be a humor-inclined observation of those old rules, and I think it might be a very, very interesting read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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