March Wrap-Up!

Hello world! How are you? Are you and your family safe? March was a strange month, and April won’t be the end of it, but we can at least hope that this new month would be better, right???

Books read: 15+ 1 short novella + 3 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 4 vs 11
ARCs: 5

I am quite satisfied with my reading, this month, even if the starting wasn’t one of the best… I mean, in the first week on March I DNFed 3 books, but luckily the rest of the month went way better! I discovered some new to me authors, that I loved, and I went back to some old favorites, too. So, let’s see what I read this month!

The Amazing!

Those are 5 stars read, because I loved them so much! The Hanged Man was amazing, fun as hell, fast-paced and full of action. I had great expectations, but it exceeded it! Now I am here, hoping for the sequel to come out soon because I need more of this!! And Tavern was an amazing surprise. I loved the setting, I loved the characters and I loved the story! And then we have Promise of Blood. To be honest, is more 4.75 stars than a full 5 because I had some issue with it at the beginning. I loved the reading, I loved the story and, in the end, I loved the characters, but I had to wait for the halfway point before starting to like them, hence the issues. But it was amazing!

The Very Good!

The First of Shadows and Dust of the Darkness are the first and the second volume of a series of short novellas, that I loved. And strange but true, I have reviewed both of them, because they deserve to be more known! The Palace Job was a great ending for this trilogy and I had a great time reading it! Rise of Empire wasn’t as good as the first volume in the series, if I have to be honest, but it was a captivating reading and, even if I didn’t have as much fun as I was expecting, I enjoyed myself quite a lot. The Last Black Unicorn was a strange book, but it was a good reading and I think that more people should read it. And then we have S. that was another strange one, really really strange, yes, but highly enjoyable, and a short novella from the Iron Druid series, Two Ravens and One Crow, that was fun and fast. I hope to go back to this series really soon!

The Good!

This month I have tried to read something outside the fantasy world, and I quite managed it, in spite of the bad start with all those DNFed books. The Simenon’s book was captivating, and I devoured it! Smoke & Mirrors was the seventh book on The T.H.I.R.D.S. series by Charlie Cochet, and even if I loved more the first books in this series, is fun and sweet and I liked this installment too! The Scarecrow & George C was a sweet story, not the perfect book, but the right one to spend some hours. Blood Engines was on my TBR since forever, or so it seems, and even if is not the greatest book ever it was original enough to keep me curious! The Absinthe Earl was a nice and suggestive read, with a good setting and good characters. I enjoyed myself quite a lot!

The DNFed!

I was expecting to love them. All the three of them, and instead I have found myself just not drawn to them. I tried, but in the end, they weren’t for me, and I have chosen to let them go.

Finished: 1 + 1 read the last published volume
Continued: 3

The Great Series Project: 

If you want to know more about this big project you can check the original post, and the list. I am happy to say that I completed all the mini-challenges I had set for March:

  1. Finish a series! The Paladin Caper
  2. There isn’t just urban fantasy out there! In February I was quite mono-thematic, so I would try and read at least 2 volumes from something that is not U.F.! Smoke & Mirrors ; Rise of Empire; Dust of the Darkness
  3. A Physical Book. Again, in February I read almost only ebooks. Let’s try something different! Rise of Empire

I have also modified a bit the page about this project, adding a new part to it: Next in Line where I have added almost all the series that I am following but that I don’t own, or that I own in my digital library but aren’t on my e-reader at the moment. My goal is to concentrate on the ones that are on the first part of the list, that’s true, but once I would have deleted some titles from there, I have plenty to take their place! I have also added the series that I am not so sure that I want to continue (those are the ones with a * near their name), because I haven’t dropped them for good, so for now they stay.

And now, the new mini-challenges for April. I’d love to try and read some more non-fantasy books since May would be Wyrd and Wonder month, and so I would read fantasy books to my heart content in a short bit. And I know that we are in April yet, so I have to speed up my decisional process, and I’ll do it, I promise! Before the end of the week, I would understand what I would expect from my April (maybe I would try a TBR too, who knows?!) and so this month I would try to keep this simple:

  1. Finish 1 series!

My Review!
Tavern by Deston J. Munden
-The Absinthe Earl by S.L. Fisher
Dust of the Darkness by D. Matthews
Rogues of the Republic by P. Weekes
Cast in Shadows by M. Sagara
The Devil’s Apprentice by K.B. Andersen
The First of Shadows by D. Matthews

I think that this was the richest month in reviews, so far on my blog! And they all were good books (some of them were even amazing!) so… Yay!

Since this is quite a long post and since I have kept you posted on my real life so far, I would end here for today. And if you managed to read all of this, thank you! I hope that April would be a better month for all of us, and I really hope that you and all your families are safe!

And what about you? How was your March? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And what have you planned for April?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!
S .

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  1. Octavia @ Mythical Reads says:

    Great wrap-up! You read so much! I never knew that the TV show YOU was also a book. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it! I hope April is a great reading month for you! ❤

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