Hello people! How are you? And how are you reading going? I hope you all are safe, and that the things aren’t so bad!
March is ending, and it was quite the strange one, that’s for sure. Let’s just hope that the next months would be better! Anyway, since we are almost at the end of the month, I am back with this meme. Did I make some progress? Let’s see!

All my reading goals and all the lists I wrote down (because I love to write lists!!) are intended to help me manage this fluffy black hole (a.k.a. TBR) and that’s great but… yeah, but I keep up with them for the first month or so and then… the void!
And that is not acceptable. I need to take control of this and so here we are. I have decided that trying to keep accountable for the goals during the year could be a good thing. So every month, given or taken, I would take a look and see how well I am managing with all my goals.

My goals were (to know more about them here is the original post):

  1. Finish (or read the last published volume) 10 series. This month I have finished 1 series and read the last published volumes for another one, so now I have a total of 2 series ended and 5 series in pair. Yay!
  2. Read all the books that I have from my brother or parent’s house.  This month I have read 1 book for this goal. I think this one would be the slowest one, but I am not dropping it!
  3. Pick from my list an read them all! This month I have checked out 4 titles from one of the lists, and 1 from another one. Maybe I am going somewhere with this goal, yay!
  4. Doing a book buying ban. Well, so far I was quite moderate in my buying habits, so… maybe it won’t be necessary, but we would see.
  5. Read at least 25 ARCs.  13/25 Well, to be honest, I count as ARC every book I receive in exchange for an honest review, even when they are not really ARC. But I count them all together!
  6. Read at least 15 books from my GR wishlist! 8/15 Again, pretty darmn good!
  7. Read more non-fiction. At least one each month. 4/12

It seems like I am being quite the good bookworm! The last month I presented 5 books I was hoping to read in this month, and I have read only one of them, but I can’t really complain, March was full of amazing reading, I think that so far it was my better month, reading-wise, but I hope to read those books in the next month, or two!

So… that’s all for today! I really hope that this would help me rein in my ginormous TBR!

What about you? Keeping yourself accountable helps you reach your goals? And do you love to make lists?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE! #2

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      March was very strange indeed. And here the situation is bad for hospitals and for the ones who are sick, because the contagion hasn’t stopped yet, but we don’t have problems to buy the groceries (it is just more time consuming than before) and almost all the rest is closed. And how is the situation for you?

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      • Off The TBR says:

        Here in Kentucky things aren’t too bad. Not like New York. Our grocery store hasn’t had toilet paper or paper towels in weeks. It comes in but is sold out right when the store opens in the morning. They are also always out of pasta and rice. Everything else stays in stock pretty good. Here in Kentucky most businesses are closed with exceptions for food stores, healthcare, restaurants that can deliver food, that kind of thing. I work for a Hospice agency so we are still working but I’m working mostly from home. We go on walks in our neighborhood but almost no where else. Be safe! Keep us updated.

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