Series Review: Rogues of the Republic, fun, heist and the fate of the world on the balance!

Hello people! How are you? How are things going out there? I hope you all are safe! Today I am here with a new review for a trilogy that I have ended recently (and yes, it is quite strange to admit that I have finished a series! I cannot believe it, either!) and that I enjoyed quite a lot. Writing a review for a series is not easy, because trying to not do spoilers is much harder but I would try, so bear with me!

Series: Rogues of the Republic
Books: The Palace Job
The Prophecy Con
The Paladin Caper
Author: Patrick Weekes

You can buy them here: Amazon 1 / Amazon 2/ Amazon 3

The most powerful man in the republic framed her, threw her in prison, and stole a priceless elven manuscript from her family.
With the help of a crack team that includes an illusionist, a unicorn, a death priestess, a talking warhammer, and a lad with a prophetic birthmark, Loch must find a way into the floating fortress of Heaven’s Spire–and get past the magic-hunting golems and infernal sorcerers standing between her and the vault that holds her family’s treasure.
It’d be tricky enough without the military coup and unfolding of an ancient evil prophecy–but now the determined and honourable Justicar Pyvic has been assigned to take her in.
But hey, every plan has a few hitches.

This is quite a short and fast series. It is a trilogy (so yeah, not so many books) and it is fast-paced and well written, not too demanding and quite interesting. And yet it took me ages to finish it!
But it’s not its fault, it’s just that I am not a binge reader and I like to let some time pass between a volume and the other, and the fact that I am a shallow and fleeting thing and I am easily distracted. We have so many books to read and so little time! So there was always something else demanding my attention, hence the long time to finish it.

But it was worth waiting, because this series has a lot of good things in it. It is funny, a lot, quirky and witty. With great characters, fiercely loyal to each other and every single one of them with his or her own personality and voice.
And we see them grew and evolve in time, becoming quite the family. And this is the best kind of family because it is a family by choice and it is full of good feelings. They really care for each other, and they are passionate and loyal. I appreciated all of them.
And yes, in some ways they are caricatures of the usual suspects that you would find in a fantasy book. But they are way more than that. The author manages to create characters that are, at the same time, caricatures and real, and I don’t think this is an easy feat.
I think I can’t really say who my favorite is because I loved Loch, she’s fierce, honorable and roguish (and yes, she manages to be both). She’s just fantastic, and she can extricate herself and her associates from very unpleasant situations. She reminds me a bit of Locke Lamora, too. And I loved her more for this. But she is not the only great character!
Ululenia is great, too. And that is just obvious because she is a mutant unicorn with a passion for virgins (young and beautiful, preferably!) and with some scary mind control… so what there is there to not like???
And I love to see her and Des together because they are a fearsome duo! Also, seeing Ululenia and her love interests is fun. I know that so far I have spoken only about the women in there, but be not mistaken!
Male characters are great, too! We don’t get enough of Pyvic and that’s a shame because I like him so much! And his relationship with Loch is just the sweetest thing. And Kail and Icy are great, too. Fun, easygoing but with such personalities!

The books are a satire of fantasy, in some ways, and they are comic fantasy. But this is the good stuff! You have some good time (and sometimes the good times is doubled because you are enjoying the story, the barter, the quick wit, and the caricature at the same time) and you have a compelling adventure while following our group of misfits in their quest to save the world. And their world is full of such fantastic beings! We have fae, unicorn, dragons, elves, kobolds, demon and more. We get to see some chases, fights, magic, battles, conspiracies, betrayals, some epic scenes, and some that are just funny as hell, some twists and turns, friendship, love, loyalties and, maybe, something more. It was a pleasant read and I enjoyed being there with this team of adorable scoundrels. If you are in for a fantastic adventure, with some fun in it well, search no more!

Ah, I almost forgot! We have heists and con, too. So GO. AND. READ. THOSE. BOOKS!

And what about you? Have you read this series? Or other books by the author? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


10 thoughts on “Series Review: Rogues of the Republic, fun, heist and the fate of the world on the balance!

  1. waytoofantasy says:

    This is a series I keep meaning to read because another friend of mine LOVES these books and has been yelling about them for a while now. I really need to get to them at some point. Thanks for your thoughts on them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    “Family by choice” – this is a perfect, and beautiful, definition of this band of heroes.
    Here the humor is always perfectly balanced with action and it all comes down to a lot of fun indeed – now all I need to do is start the third book, which has been languishing too long on my TBR…
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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