The Great Series Read Project!

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? In the last month, I talked a lot about a project I was trying to elaborate to try and tame my series, and that I was inspired by Realms of My Mind, because she had an amazing idea and so I decided to go and copy her (from the title, too, because this is not an idea of mine, I borrowed hers!) with some adaptations to my reading habits.

The original idea is more coherent than what I have elaborated instead, but every one of us is a unique kind of reader, and hence the small differences.
I have prepared a page here on the blog with all the series that I am following and that I own at the moment. All the books on that list are books that I physically have on my shelves or that I have on my e-reader. To be clear, there are a ton of other series that I am following and that I own, because I have some of them on my digital bookshelves, but not yet on my e-reader, and I haven’t counted them here because, as you can see for yourself, I am way above my head as it is, without the need to add some other series, too. And all of them, except for one, are series that I have started. (There is an exception to this because there is a series I planned to start this year and I have the fourth firsts books on my e-reader yet, so here it went!) and I have also added two series that I have started some time ago and that I am planning on re-reading the books I have read before continuing with the new ones, so you would find a couple of series with some title in parentheses and those are the titles I have read but I am planning on re-reading.
Another exception is for a series I am following and that I have added to the list but that I don’t own. I have read and loved the first book, so I have planned to buy the second one as soon as I am ready to make an online order. Since I decided this way before writing down this list, but since I haven’t made the order yet, well… I decided to add it because I know that I’ll buy it soon enough.
And then we came, finally, to the last exception of this long list. The Discworld series. I am following this series, and I am loving it, but I am quite… unorganized in reading it. I read and reread some of them, I stick to one sub-series for some time and then change, then go back to it, then change again, and this is a work of years. I started this series ages ago and since then I am going forth and back with that. So I have added it, but I have written down just the title of the sub-series that I am following at the moment and that I own.

Ok, now that you know all there it is to know about the list, let’s see what would I do with it? The sensate thing would be to try and concentrate on some of them since I have finished or reached at least the last owned volume before starting something new, or before dedicate my attention to another series. But I am not so good to keep going, and I know myself so, I’ll try for monthly mini-challenges and see what I could accomplish!

So… for March my mini-challenges are:

  1. Finish a series!
  2. There isn’t just urban fantasy out there! In February I was quite mono-thematic, so I would try and read at least 2 volumes from something that is not U.F.!
  3. A Physical Book. Again, in February I read almost only ebooks. Let’s try something different!

I have a ton of new series to start, both on my e-reader and on my shelves, that are waiting for me, so if I manage to complete these little challenges I would start one new series. In this, I won’t keep track of the ARCs, because they are all, or almost all, new series, but I “have” to read them, so they won’t count.
Let’s see if I could manage to accomplish something!
And here are some of the books I am looking forward to reading!

So, that’s all for today! And what about you? Are you plagued by the series too? How you manage to keep track of them? And how you manage to not drown in them? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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