Blame it on the community! #1

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? Today I am here with a new meme, that would, probably, be the death of me. As every bookworm out there, my TBR is a fluffy black hole, that I love with all my heart but that is trying to swallow me whole (or crush me to death), so if I was a sensible and responsible person I would try and shorten it, right? But, lucky me, I am not so sensible after all.
Sure, I have tried to follow Down The Tbr Hole because I was in dire need of something like that, and I may go back to that because my Goodreads’ shelves need some cleaning, and I cannot cling to every damn book out there, but today I am here to do the exact opposite of that.

Today I would share with you the last addition to my TBR that I discovered (and hence, added to the fluffy black hole) thanks to you all! Yes, the book community is an amazing place, where you can discover good book after good book. Yes, the community is not the only meaning to discover new books, but it’s one of the most pleasant and rich. And the additions to my TBR are always a lot when I frequent the book community (blog, twitter, Goodreads or Instagram. On every platform this is the best way to discover new books!) so I thought it would be nice to share some appreciation for the hard work that sometimes promoting our favorite reading could be!

I have to say that I won’t always be able to say where I discovered the books that I mentioned, but all the books I would mention in this meme are books that I discovered thanks to you all. It could be a review, a can’t wait Wednesday, a twitt, a post somewhere. It’s not important what, just know that I have you to thanks to making me discover new books!

The First of Shadows is a novella I added to my TBR thanks to Jason and his review. And the same I can say for Grace is Gone, even if this one is courtesy of KitKat the Booknerd. I discovered Five Wakes and a Wedding reading a post about its blog tour by Yesha. With Twelve Kings in Sharakhai the thing is a little bit more complicated, because I discovered this book quite some time ago, always thanks to the community, but it’s thanks to a Waiting on Wednesday post that was about one of its sequels that I realized that I haven’t read it yet! And, last but not least, Rocks Fall. Everyone Dies. I discovered this one thanks to a twitt, but I can’t remember who was the author so… no mention here, I am sorry!

If you click on the books’ title you would find the Goodreads page with all the info about them.

And for today that’s all! What about you? Do you blame the community for your never-ending TBR, too? And have you read these books? Or have you added them to your list? And which are the latest books you have added to it?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “Blame it on the community! #1

  1. Tammy says:

    I love this idea, Susy! I also have a huge TBR, I mean I think I have almost 3,000 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf? But I don’t care, I add every good sounding book I see. Looks like Rocks Fall, Everyone Does has a new cover, I love it😁

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