We Treasure You! Finally, it’s here!

Hello everyone! How are you? Today I am so excited because finally I finished (mostly) working out the news I was speaking about in the past recaps and I can share it with you all!

As a bookworm (or book dragon, that here could be more accurate) I read quite a lot of books, and I can’t always share them all with you. And there are a ton of reasons: I am a bad blogger, frequently on hiatus; I read quite a lot and I can’t possibly write a review for all of them (even if I was a good blogger, constant and always present here I can’t write around 200 reviews. I know is beyond my forces!); I have read and loved books well before beginning a blogger, and so on… You can pick!
But there are some books that I loved, there are some books that are important to me, and I don’t get to share them with you. How sad is that?

Soooo… I thought about something that would allow me to share the love with you without writing reviews, and in the end, I came out with this: once a month (or twice) I would write a post about a book that I loved but didn’t reviewed. In the post, I would talk a little about the book, and I would share with you all some reviews’ that other people posted about it, and maybe some fanart and things like that. And, I would share all of that on twitter too, with the #WeTreasureYou hashtag, to make it count more!


I am really excited to start this, and I hope you would, too! Look forward to next Monday for the first post. I would share with you all one of the best book ever!

What do you think about it? Let me know! And if you want to join, feel free to do it! Just let your link here (or on the first real post!) and join the fun!

Happy reading!

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