February TBR!

Hello everyone! I hope you are feeling great and that you are reading amazing books! Today I am here to share with you all my TBR for February. I have a strange relationship with TBR because I love them (I love all kinds of lists!) but I am not always the best at keeping up with them. But I am feeling in the right mood to try it for a month, so here I come!

I have to say that I was thinking about reading some romance since it is February and it is the month to celebrate love but then I changed my mind and I have chosen to try and focus on the series. I mean, I love them and they reciprocate me being the bane of my existence. It’s not right! But love is compromise and difficulties, isn’t it? So I have decided and try to tackle down some of the series I keep around.
And I have some pretty amazing ARCs to read too! I am so excited to read them all!

The ARCs!

Aren’t they amazing?? I am so excited to start them all! AndΒ Fire & WaterΒ is part of a series, too, so we are keeping up with the themes!

The series!

These books are all out of series that I have started some time ago. Sadly none of them is the last in the series, but I am working toward it! They are all series that I have loved and that I really meant to continue. But the problem is always the same: so many books and so little time! Also, I am easily distracted and I can’t really read two books of the same series one after another because that would not sit too well with me so… yeah, they took time to finish, but this would just mean that we would have more time to spend together!
Also, they all are e-books. And this is a little bit strange for me, but I don’t think this would be a problem.

What about you? What are you planning to read this month? And have you read these books or series? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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