Reading Goal 2020!

Hello wonderful people! How are you? And how are your reading going? This week I am having some spare time to dedicate to them, so I am really happy! And I am even happier because, at last, I am here with my goals for the new year! And yes, I know that January is almost finished but I have 11 more months left, so here we go!

This new year would be an important year for me because there would be some major changes in my real life, so I thought it better to keep things the more stress-free as possible, for my sanity’s sake at least. So I am not taking part in year-long reading challenges, even if I  love them! And I would just take part in some minor one, like some monthly ones on GoodReads or maybe some readathon during the year, because I know myself and I know I can’t simply say not to them all! But I am trying to reduce them and I am trying to keep my goals realistic.

  1. Finish (or read the last published volume) 10 series. This is the biggest goals of all, because 10 series are quite a lot, especially if you are like me. I start a ton of new series and I like them, but I take my sweet sweet time to continue them. And as I am an avid fantasy reader the series that I start are, often, long one so… finish them could be tricky. But I have to try!
  2. Read all the books that I have from my brother or parent’s house. Sometimes I borrow a book from them, (only if they have read it and aren’t planning on re-reading it, because I can be quite moody with my reading and I know that a book can really wait a long time before I’ll get to it!) and now I have some books that are taking space on my shelves, space that I dire need. So I have to give them back. After reading them, obviously!
  3. Pick from my list an read them all! I love to make lists with book to read. They may backlist books, books on my e-reader, book that I discovered online etc… so I have plenty of list to go around. I just have to stop and finish some of them! I can do it!
  4. Doing a book buying ban. Or something like that because I need to stop buying books!
  5. Read at least 25 ARCs. I can do it, I know I can do it!
  6. Read at least 15 books from my GR wishlist!


I think that this is all, reading-wise. But I have some goals for my blog too… And I know that I have really no luck with them, because I may be a bad blogger, but I hope to do better this year, I really hope so!

  1. Going on hiatus is ok. It really is. But maybe next time I can say that I would go on a hiatus.
  2. Write more reviews. ARCs and no-Arcs. I just need to write more of them.
  3. Start something new and keep it going. I am working on it, really, and I hope to present my new idea to you all really soon!
  4. Be more present in the blog community. I don’t think I have to add something here.
  5. Start following some new blogs.

And that’s it! I really hope to get to maintain them, or at least a great part of them. I really need to get some reading done without adding new books to the mix. But I know myself and I know I have no willpower with books so… I make no promises! But let’s hope!

And what about you? What are your reading or blogging goals for 2020? Have you written a post about it?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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