Weekly Wrap-Up #1

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are fine, enjoying this wonderful Sunday! I am back with this meme, hoping to keep it going this year because I really appreciate it. I love to share my reading with you, and I know that I can’t possibly write a review for all the books I read so this is the second-best thing, right?

What I am reading?

The real question here is: “Are you sure that reading three books at the same time in this period, where you aren’t back to your usual reading-self and where you don’t have a lot of time is a wise thing?”. And the obvious reason is: Nope! But… there is always a but! Swords And Scoundrels is a physical book, while the other two are ebooks, and one of them is on my e-reader while the other one is on my cellphone so… I read them in three completely different situations, so I think that is not so bad. All King’s Traitor and You Had Me At Wolf are two ARCs and I am so happy to be back reading them! So far I am enjoying both of them, even if I have great expectations from All King’s Traitor and I am founding You Had Me At Wolf quite a slow reading. But I have just started them so it’s too early to really say something about them! The physical book is another story altogether. I am enjoying it, really, but it is taking sooooo long to read and this is annoying me. I know it’s not really it’s fault, because I am enjoying the reading but it is not as good as I was expecting and I found myself reading just ten pages here and ten pages there, and I am feeling like I am going nowhere with it, so I am seriously thinking about putting it on hold for some time and try something else!

What I have read?

It took me years but I have finished this series! The Raven King was waiting for his moment and finally, I managed to read it! I had a strange relationship with this series, because I wasn’t so enamored with the first book but I really enjoyed the second and the third ones. And then I wasn’t enamored again with the fourth book. I don’t know what went wrong here, but I wasn’t so taken by the story or by the characters, even if we have some new interesting additions here. But I am happy to have finished the series. And then I have read, and loved, Death and the Harlot. In the 2019 I have read the second book of this series and I have enjoyed it so much that I decided to go back and read the first one, too. And guess what? It was a great decision! (Here my review of the second book!)

What would I read?

I have some ideas, but since I am just at the beginning of my current reading I am not saying anything here, because it’s too early to say. If things go as planned I have a new interesting series to start, a series that I had on my TBR since forever and to which I am really looking forward to! And I have also a thriller waiting for me. I really hope to get to them soon!

Real and Blogging Life!

While you are reading this post I would be on my way to my boyfriend’s home to help him to move. He would move in with me the next month (yayyyyyyy)


and we are taking our sweet time with the moving. Or, to be honest, we work and live in two different cities, so we give to it every day off works that we have, but it’s slow going. But we would conquer it! And the days in which I work I spent the off-work time to rearrange things in my home to find some space for his things. I have a small flat, really, but it’s astounding the number of things you can keep there! I am channeling my interior desperate housewife but I am constantly amazed by all the things I have to do!

As for the blogging, well I am proud to say that there is a review waiting for you all scheduled for tomorrow morning! I can’t believe it yet, but it seems like I am back for good. I have a ton of reading to do, because I am way behind with my blog-hop but I’ll do it, too! And I am working of some posts with my reading achievement and the best reading of the last year. I know I am late but… oh well! Better later than never, right?

I really missed you all! And if you do a similar meme leave me the link, so I’ll find you more easily! How was your week?? And your reading? Let me know!

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #1

  1. Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical says:

    It’s a pity you had ambivalent feelings about The Raven Cycle. I really loved that series, but then again, I definitely understand why the final book could disappoint someone. Even though I enjoyed it, it went into a weird direction and I found it somewhat anti-climatic. Like, it fit the series in a way, but I expected more. Hope this week is going well for you! 🙂

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