Where I found my way back… Maybe

Hello fellow bookworms! How are you? Have you started this new year in the best way possible? Are your reading keeping up with your expectations? And have you set some new reading goals for this 2020??
I really missed you all! The blogging community and the bookish one! I missed reading all the new posts, reviews, bookish lists, goals and all the rest. And I missed sharing with you all my reading. But I really needed the time off.

I had some changes in my life, they weren’t so big or bad, really, but they threw me out of my feet, in some ways. And I discovered that I really need my spaces, my time to cool off, and the time to just be with myself. I always knew that I need quite a lot of space for myself, but I think that with the passing of time the things just got a little worse (and I may fear how I would be in my old age, tbh!!!) and the need for my-self time, to just be me, grew. So something had to give, and that something was blogging and the internet. And, to be completely honest, the reading too. Because I started to read less and less, and even if now I am back to reading, with the utmost joy and pleasure, I am not back at 100%. And I may not be for some time, either, because the changes in my life aren’t done. I finally would live with my boyfriend, and I am really happy about this change (overall because we live in two different cities at the moment, 100 km apart from each other, given or taken, and it was tiring sometimes!) but it could take some time to adjust to it, too. It’s not really a new thing for us, but we have to work around our schedule and I think it would take away some of the time I would usually spend blogging, but I am feeling ready to go back to this amazing community! I am ready to be back, I am motivated and I have a ton of things that I want to share with you all!

Even if I won’t maybe be back at 100% I feel the need to reconnect with you all and to start again to share my reading with my fellow bookworms. And I am working to something new too! It’s not something big, it’s just a little something, but it would be new and I am really excited about it! So, there is this one to look forward to, too, yay!


I hope to see you all again very soon!
Happy reading!

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