SciFi Month 2019 – TBR! (Sort of!)

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? Mine are slowing down, but that’s because I am on vacation and I am confident that once I’ll go back to my routine things would go back to normal! Or at least, I hope so, because I have a great TBR for November! SciFi Month is starting and I am so excited!!


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To be completely honest, it’s since the beginning of the year that every time I came across a sci-fi book that I want to read I postpone it to November (because it’s Sci-Fi Month, people!!) but now I am here with a very very long list so instead of a classic TBR so I would just post all the books that I wish to read, and I hope to get to read at least 5 of them. 5 is a good number, right??

The ones I really hope to read ASAP! 


The longest ones on my TBR!

The ARCs I keep procrastinating… Bad Bookworm, no cookies!

A little extra!

And that’s all! I really want to read all of them, but I have to be realistic here, and I know I won’t read all of them in November. But they all seem sooooo good! Be a bookworm is hard work!

And what about you? What would you read in November? And have you read the book I mentioned? Let me know!!!!

Happy reading!

18 thoughts on “SciFi Month 2019 – TBR! (Sort of!)

  1. Tammy says:

    This is a fantastic TBR, Susy! I’m also hoping to start the Murderbot series, in fact I’d like to get through the whole thing. I absolutley loved Dark Matter, Polaris Rising, and A Song For a New Day😁

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  2. Avada Kedavra says:

    The Long way to a small angry planet and Dark Matter are my favorites from your list. So many of us are reading murderbot novellas this time. I had one on my TBR too and finished it yesterday – Artificial Condition(second one).


  3. Olivia-Savannah says:

    I love science fiction and a lot of these are ones I want to read eventually too. Aurora Rising, once I have finished the Illuminae Files trilogy. And then also This Mortal Coil, the Murderbot series and Polaris Rising too. I hope you get to read some this month 🙂


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