October Wrap Up!

Hello people! How are you? I have a cold and I am soooo tired all the time! Work has been crazy the last week and I am in dire need of a vacation! Lucky for me, I don’t have to wait too long, because my time off would start on Monday, so… I am almost there!
As for my reading month… meh. I was more tired, they kept changing my working schedule and I have caught a cold twice in the same month, so that reflected on my reading: I read less and I was in need of something lighthearted or not demanding. And I get it but… I wasn’t really satisfied with my reading this month.

October reading stats:
Books read: 10
Ebook: 8
Books: 2
ARCs: 2

The Amazing!


Well, obviously the best book I have read in October was Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff. I loved it, and I enjoyed every single page. To be honest I am a little bit conflicted with it because some choices satisfied and didn’t satisfy me at the same time, but all things considered I loved it and Kristoff is pure genius!

The Very Good Ones!

I have read the Italian edition of Until Love Do Us Part because the author is Italian, and I loved it! It’s not her best book, but she is a guarantee when you are in need of something light and fun! Then we have The Fault In Our Stars and this was the one book by John Green that I wasn’t expecting to read. The theme is not my cup of tea and the author to me is good but nothing exceptional, so I wasn’t expecting to read it. But I needed it for a reading challenge and I decided to try. I loved it! Well, it’s not perfect and it won’t be mentioned in the list of best reading of the year but… I enjoyed the reading! Iron & Velvet was a re-reading, but I loved it the first time I have read it and when I discovered that they were re-editing it I had to request it on NetGalley. I didn’t love it as the first time, but I liked it a lot. And last, but not least we have another Italian book. This is a mystery with great characters and I enjoyed it immensely!

The Good Ones!

The Gutter Prayer was a kind of disappointment. I was expecting so much more from this book! It’s not that it’s bad, and the world-building is top-notch! But the characters and the plot aren’t so great, sadly. Dangerous Creature was a pleasant surprise. I requested the ARCs some time ago and promptly forget about it, but in the end I enjoyed the reading and the characters. They are not all great, but some of them a lot of potentials! L’Allieva is an Italian mystery and it was disappointing. It wasn’t bad and it was just the right thing to just relax for a couple of hours but… nothing special. And the same could be said for Immortal in Death and I am seriously thinking about dropping the series.

The Disappointing One!


I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, but something lighthearted and fun, but I was bored in some parts, not so interested in others, and even if we had some highs and lows, the lows were more than the highs.


October wasn’t a great month for my reading, it wasn’t bad but not so good either. And it wasn’t a good month for the blog, either, but I have some hopes for November, since I hope to write some reviews for the books I will read! (And, y’all November is Sci-Fi Month!)

And that’s all. I know I am a little earlier, but I am confident that I won’t finish other books before the ending of the month, so for once, I would post my monthly recap in advance!

And what about you? How was your October? And do you have read some of the books I have mentioned?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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