SciFi Month 2019 is almost here!

Hello everybody! I would have liked to write some reviews but I found myself with a crazy working schedule (that they re-arranged completely!) and the need to reschedule every single plan I had (vacations included). The good side is that I would go to London for a couple of days (and I am so so so excited about it!), the bad is that I didn’t have the time to blog, and that simply sucked.

But my vacation is not the only thing I am excited about. Oh no, really not! November is the SciFi month and some great bloggers have created an event to celebrate it! Isn’t it fantastic? Amazing? Great?


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You can find more info here: SciFi Month 2019 @There Always Room for One More… and you can go and check this amazing post with all the prompts and the events they have in programs. And it’s a ton of great things! I can’t wait for November to start!
One of my reading goals for this year was to read more sci-fi and I have quite a lot of books that are waiting for their moment and that I kept in store just for this event. I won’t take parts in many prompts and top ten because I don’t usually read sci-fi, but I am really curious to see what the other participants would post. And I hope to write some reviews for the books I would be reading.
Also I have written down my TBR and I am loving it. I may have been a tad too optimistic about that but… who cares! And I am dying to show it to you all and see what would you think of my choices. Waiting is so hard!!!!!! But the first day of November is near!

And what about you? Will you take part in this event? Do you love sci-fi? And do you have some titles to recommend? Let me know!!

Happy reading!




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