Hello people! How are you? Today, finally, I am here with my recap for the month of September. It was a strange month for me, rich in reading, even if I don’t understand where I found the time, because I was pretty busy with work and personal stuff… Anyway, I read a lot, and what’s more important, I read a lot of good books!

September reading stats:
Books read: 24 +2 short novels
Manga: 8
Ebook: 13
Books: 11
ARCs: 0


This triplet was simply amazing. Reading Wild Country was like going home to old friends, even if they were all new characters, because the world Bishop creates is one so familiar to me, that this is the effect all her books in this series have on me. Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett was amazing. I was expecting it to be good but, as always, he surprised me! And in here we get to see more of Lady Sybil and we have the Igors, so… amazing, simply amazing. And I have finished The First Law trilogy. And I loved it!

Very very good!

Just a little behind we have these three books. Ok, I have to spend some words on Hamilton’s books. Anita Blake’s series is one of my guilty pleasure, and I am so invested in them that I am not objective, and I know that these books aren’t so good anymore, in some ways, but in other ways, they are good to me, so here they are. This Summer I have decided to re-read all the books in the series, before reading the new one, Serpentine, and in September I have read the last 6 of them plus the new ones, but I won’t talk about all of them, because this post would become way too long! But I enjoyed Serpentine, even if it’s the most original of all, plot-wise. But it was such a pleasure that I have to name it here. And then we have Come I Tulipani Gialli. This is an Italian mystery that I loved. It was love at first sight, and I am so happy about this book! It’s just a shame that they haven’t translated it! And then we have a little surprise: Red, White & Royal Blue. This book was everywhere for a while, but I wasn’t interested in it. But, in the last month, I have read a couple of great reviews that made me so curious! And so, on an impulse, I have started it. And you know what? I loved it!

Very Good!

I wanted to start this series by Patricia Briggs since forever, and I am so happy to have managed it! Cry Wolf was pretty good, I was happy to have met some characters that I was missing from the other series, and now I don’t just want to go on with this series, but I need to go on with the main one, too, because I miss all the characters! Magic in the Blood is the second book in this series, and even if I didn’t remember much from the first one (I let too many years pass!) I enjoyed the reading. And Bitten to Death is the fourth one in its series. I think I enjoyed more the first books, but it was quite entertaining!


Dear Killer has a great start, addicting and original, but it doesn’t keep up. It’s not a bad reading, it was compelling, fast-paced and intriguing, but it could have been something more. Catch A Tiger By The Tail is the sixth book in this series and it was a really sweet reading, but I think the first books in the series were better. And then there is a book by A. Nothomb. I have enjoyed all of her books, so far, and this one was good, too!

September was Self-Published Fantasy Month a great event hosted by Off The Tbr that I completely missed because I was away from the blogging community, but since I came back and it was still September I tried to at least read one self-pub fantasy, and my choice was Bulletproof Witch- The Delivery of Flesh by F.J. Blair. It’s worst feature is its length (or shortness, to be more precise). It’s a good novella, with a captivating world-building and some interesting characters, but it wasn’t enough. All things considered, it was a pleasant reading, that’s for sure, but it could have been more. A Thrift Shop Murder was a fast and enjoyable reading. Nothing memorable, sadly, but it’s one of those books that from time to time I need, just to blow off some tension. The Battle of the Labyrinth confirmed that Riordan is not for me. He is quite brilliant, that’s true, but I think I would have enjoyed his books way more if I would have read them when I was younger. And then there is Point Break that just didn’t deliver. I read the first book and loved it. So I was expecting the same from this one, and even I appreciate a lot what the author is trying to do… well, I wasn’t so invested in it as I was hoping. It’s not that it was bad, but it wasn’t good enough. And then we have a book that, for me was quite controversial: The Cruel Prince. I have a strange relationship with the author, I like her when she is not writing about fae (but it seems like they are her favorite so…), and when she is writing about them I found myself fascinated by her writing for the first chapters, but then my fascination whore off and I found myself quite at a loss. And this book wasn’t an exception. And I had a lot of problems with Cardan, too. So… I think I won’t go on with this series.

I don’t know


This was quite a confusing reading, and I can’t say if I really enjoyed it or not. But I have spoken of length about it in its review, so I won’t repeat myself here!


I was in the right mood for some manga and I was so excited, because I like them quite a lot, but books are my real love and if I have to choose I chose them every damn time, but finally I carved out some times for them, yay! I have started a new series, Honey X Honey Drops but… I liked the idea but I don’t think this one is right for me so, at least for now, I have dropped it after reading the first 2 volumes. But then, since September was good for rereading, I went back to one of my first loves: Black Butler! I have some numbers to read yet, but I have decided to go back to the beginning, and it was a great idea. I have read 6 volumes so far and loved all of them!

Finished:1 ( +2 last volumes published for two series)

The Corpse Played Dead
Lies My Girlfriend Told Me
The First Law Trilogy 

So, September was a great month for me! I read a lot, and a lot of good books. And I did well with the series too! Yes, I could have done better, but even if I finished just one of them I continued a good number of them, so yay for me!

And what about you? How was your September? And do you have read some of the books I have mentioned?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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