Summer Wrap Up!

Hello people! Today I am back with a kind of recap of my Summer reading, but I think it would be a little bit different from my previous recaps. Usually, for the monthly ones I would show you all the books that I have read in that month, but this Summer I read quite a lot of them, and that would result in a very very long post… so I was left with two alternatives: 1) don’t write the recap. And I thought about that, a lot because it seemed a good idea, but then I started to feel guilty, because I have read some great books, and it would be a shame to not shout out to them. They deserve better! 2) do a recap, but just with the really good one. So, that’s why I am here today. I would just talk a little about the books that I loved, and let out all the rest!

Well, I love Locke Lamora, I love Jean, I love the world that Lynch has created and I really like pirates. So it was not surprising that I loved Red Seas Under Red Skies. I have preferred the first book, but just slightly and this one is amazing in his own right. Ghostly Echoes is the third book in the Jackaby series, and it was quite good. It gives us some answers and it was an enjoyable reading. And then we have an ARC, and yes, that’s something! The Corpse Played Dead was quite a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one so much.

Both Retribution Falls and His Majesty’s Dragon enjoyed a relly long stay on my TBR, and both of them revealed themselves as something else from what I was expecting, but it was good. I enjoyed both books, and I am so happy to have, finally, read them! The Hunger was unexpected. I read it for a reading challenge, but I wasn’t really sure about it. It seemed interesting enough, but it’s a horror book, and I have some problems with this genre. To me is boring. I have tried again and again, but I am always bored with it. But you know what? I enjoyed this reading! I was fascinated by it and I didn’t want to stop reading it!

And here we have two Italian books, that I enjoyed a lot. The first one is a captivating thriller, and the second one is… drum roll… a horror again! Both of them were catching and captivating and I had a great time with them. This Summer I have read some really mediocre and plain romance and chick-lit, and I was wondering if I was the problems, because nothing could make me happy. But then I have read two books, one is Wallbanger, and the other one is Sex Not Love, and they helped me realize that the problem wasn’t me. I just was unlucky enough to have been through a series of really mediocre reading. Because both of them were so much fun that I loved them from the start to the end!

It seems like this year is, for me, the Terry Pratchett year, because I have read quite some of his books (and usually I read one per year or something like that) but I am not complaining, not complaining at all! The Unadulterated Cat was hilarious and full of tenderness. It’s a book written by someone who loves cats for someone who loves cats. And it’s just precious! The Chalk Man deserves all the hype. I was a little bit scared because I have read so many good things about it that I was expecting to be disappointed by it. But I loved it!!!

So… these are the best reading of my Summer (July and August) and I really think that all these books deserve a little shout out! And I have also treated myself and reread the Anita Blake series, before reading the last book published. We are now at 26 and counting. But this series is one of my guilty pleasure, and to be honest I have to say that this is THE guilty pleasure. So I enjoyed myself rereading it (and reading the new book too), but I am not objective when we are speaking about this series!

And that’s really all! What have you read this Summer? Do you have read some of the same books? Let me know!

Happy reading!

20 thoughts on “Summer Wrap Up!

  1. E. Pasternak says:

    I haven’t read any of those but I wrote my thesis on a book by Terry Pratchett (or rather the translations of it!) so I’ve been picking at the fragments of it over summer 🙂

    I’ve read many many books over summer but my absolute fav was the ARC of Crier’s War! So good! It comes out in a few days (October 1st)

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