Autmun’s Goal or TBR revisited!

Hello people! How are you? I am very happy because I am back to the amazing blogging community and the Autumn is almost here… and I am so ready for it to start! I am so looking forward to the cool weather, hot tea and cozy time with my books… ahhh, pure bliss!

So, new season new TBR, since I don’t see myself with monthly TBR in this period. But there is something more. I had some plans for the Summer: I hoped to read more ARCs, to finish more series (little spoiler I finished 1 of them, and I have read the last volume printed for 2 of them) and read some more title on my backlist. But you guess what? I didn’t! So, to help me feeling less like a bad, bad bookworm I have chosen to do a crossover between a TBR and a goals’ list.

  1. Finish 3 more series (or read the last published book)
  2. Read 4 ARCs. I can do it, can’t I????
  3. Read 3 books that are on my TBR since the beginning of the time. Or since some times, anyway!
  4. Read The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (and I’d really love to buddy read this one, so if you are interested just let me know!!!)
  5. Read a book by an Italian author. Or two.
  6. Read 2 sci-fi books. I really wanted to read more sci-fi this year, so it’s time to do it!


And that’s it for my reading goal, but I have some blogging goals too, that I like to share in the hope that would keep me accountable for them.. there is hope, right?

  1. Don’t go on another unannounced hiatus. That would be good, right?
  2. Write more reviews. At least something like 4/5 reviews per month. Utopistic, I know.
  3. Review some ARCs for NetGalley and raise my stats. Both here or just on GR.
  4. Be more active in the blogging community. This is hard to quantify but it’s just good to remember it too!
  5. Do a buddy read. And if you are interested, let me know!

I think that this would be all, at least for now! And I really hope to accomplish them all!!

Have you a TBR or some goals for the new season? Do you love Fall too? And… do you want to buddy read The Gutter Prayer (or something else) with me?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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