Of A Very Long Hiatus and of Currently reading!

Hello wonderful people! How are you? I have not disappeared from the world, even if it may seems so. I went in a very long hiatus and it wasn’t planned so… sorry about that!
Before my vacation, late in June, I had some crazy days at my jobs and no time at home. Then the vacation, and it was so needed (and so so great!) and then I was ready to come back in July… but then something went wrong.
Again crazy times at works and a kind of slump that I couldn’t shrug of. It was quite unpleasant. It’s not that I didn’t read. I have read a lot. And I was lucky with some books because I really did some great reading but… I had a lot of mediocre and plain ones, too. And that was disheartening, sort of. I wasn’t motivated to read, and I wasn’t motivated to talk about books. And even if I kept up with the reading, well bloggin was way over my ability to cop.

But I love blogging, I love the community and I love to share my love for books, so eventually, I found again the way back home! And let me tell you one little thing: I have missed you all so much!
I have a lot of reading to do, because I am way behind with all of your blogs, so I would spend some time bloghopping. be warned! And in the meantime, I just write down a quick recap of my current reading… like a W.W.W… Wednesday but on Friday, while I try to figure out a way to recap all of my summer’s reading!

What I am currently reading? 


I have started Lies My Girlfriend Told Me just today, and I was so so curious about it because I had it on my wishlist since forever but… so far I am not impressed. I think the author is good, but I am not so impressed by her characters. I hope that things would get better!

What I have finished reading?

Magic In The Blood by Devon Monk is the second book in this series and I let too many years pass between the first one and the second, but I enjoyed this book all the same. It’s not the best ever, and sometimes our MC, Allie, is not the brightest bulb in the box, but I enjoyed the reading and I am looking forward to continuing this series. And then I have read, and loved, Wild Country by Anne Bishop. This series is simply amazing!

What would you read?


I am so looking forward to this new series (new for me!). I love Mercy Thompson series, even if I am way behind with it (but I am not ever???), but I wanted to start this one for so long that now I just can’t wait anymore. Please, pretty pretty please, be good!

And what about you? What are you reading/have you read/would you read? Let me know while I’ll try to make up for the time lost and go bloghopping! 

Happy reading!

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