A Really Needed Vacation plus June Wrap Up!

Hello people! How are you? I am back from a really needed vacation. And I want to go back! I hadn’t planned it but a hiatus happened, and it was a month-long one, sigh… The thing is that real life happens and then I went on vacation and so… here I am.

I didn’t read a lot in June, and I didn’t blog at all, but now I am here and I would try to catch up with everything! But I really needed the vacation… I spent 10 days in Norway and it was amazing! Nature was wonderful and the weather was great! Coming back home, where it was hot hot hot hot, it was a shock! I saw a ton of marvelous things, beautiful colors and relaxed. It was a paradise… but I haven’t read a thing, so my recap would be a really short one. But now I am back and I am looking forward to all the books I have to read!

So… ready for the recap?

Really Good!


Keep an eye on the blog because you would see a review for this amazing book really soon! And I am so happy to have read it, but I won’t say more here because I don’t want to spoil the review for you!

They were good!

The first book in the Asprin’s series wasn’t so good, and to be honest, I was thinking about dropping this series, but I wanted to be sure and tried at least one more book. And, in the end, I enjoyed this one a lot more. So this series is a keeper, at least for now! Chase the Dark was good, but nothing fantastic. I was expecting an adult book and I got a YA so maybe this is a drag, but I enjoyed the reading nonetheless and I would continue this series, too! And then we have an Italian thriller, Il rumore della pioggia, that was good. I hope to read something else from this series really soon!

They were ok!

Amelie Nothomb is an author that I like, but after a while, all her books have a sort of similarity to them, even if she is quite ingenious with her books. So yeah, I liked it but… even if I appreciated the idea behind it, and I think that is quite brilliant, the reading wasn’t as good as I was expecting. And Little Girls Sleeping  was good but… not so good, again. The thriller part was good, but I had some problems with the MC and the author’s writing.

Finished: 0
Continued: 1

In June I haven’t written even one review and I haven’t read a lot of books. I wasn’t a good bookworm even if we speak about the series, but I would do better in July, I know it!

How was your June in books? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? Let me know!

Happy reading!


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