Wyrd and Wonder Shout Out!

Hello world! How are you? And how are your reading going? I know that this would be the right time for the usual recap post, because we are at the end of May (and I really don’t know how this thing is possible!) but I wanted to do a little bit something for Wyrd and Wonder while I still can. I was very thankful for this event. A celebration of fantasy one month long is an amazing thing! And so, to show a little bit of gratefulness to all the people who made May an amazing month I have choosen to do a little shout out post.
So… ready to start?

  1. There’s always room for more. Imyril was one of the host of the event and every week she would write down a recap post with all the post of the partecipants. She did an amazing work out of it, so thank you!
  2. Jorie Loves a Story did a great job in lenghtening my TBR pile. She’s just bad like that! With amazing reviews of books that now I have to read. ASAP!
  3. A Dance With Books wrote a ton of interesting post, but I can’t recommend enough her talks about Grimdark Fantasy!
  4. Pages Below The Vaulted Sky wrote this amazing post about romance in fantasy (and in general) and it was just… wow!
  5. Way too Fantasy shares with us why she loves fantasy. And obviously she reminds us because we love fantasy!

There were a lot of blogs who took part in this amazing event. I read a ton of great reviews, interesting discussions and I saw some amazing pictures here and there, too. Choose just 5 blogs were hard, but I have to say a really big thank you to all the bookworms out there who partecipate because I had a great time taking part in this event with all of you!


13 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder Shout Out!

  1. Jorie says:

    Ooh my goodness!! (*blushes*) Did I? I wasn’t sure who was visiting with me during the month, as I noticed a lot of the reviews were gaining traction with readers but I didn’t always see who was coming to visit — this makes me feel wonderfully lovely inside knowing I’ve given you stories to ache after and hunt down to read!! Truly that was my GOAL. lol

    I’ll be releasing the last batch of reviews this weekend – so you might pick up a few more? *nudge nudge* My Wyrd And Wonder fest isn’t over til Monday!! Ha, ha!!

    You’ll have to let me know next week which of the stories you dearly can’t itch hard enough to be reading!!

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