Series Maniac: It’s time to take stock!

Hello people! How are? And how are your reading going? I’m quite happy about mine, especially because I am reading another Pratchett’s book and that’s a marvelous thing! Anyway… today I am here with another post dedicated to the series. I wanted to post this one the next month, because June is the month at the exact half of the year, and since I am going to look at how well (or bad) I have done so far in the year, it seemed the right month. But June would be a strange month for me, and I think I won’t read a lot of books, sadly, so I think it’s ok for me to post it right now. And we aren’t so far from June anyway so… let’s get started!

One of my reading goal in January was to finish (or get to the last volume published) 12 series, at least so… I am on the right path to it or would I fail miserably?

So far I have finished 7 series and I have read the last published volume of a couple of series, too. So that’s great, right? I was convinced I had a very long way to go to reach that goal, because I was hoping so much to go on and maybe finish some series in May, with Wyrd and Wonder, but you know what? I didn’t finish a series, but I have started a ton of new ones. My willpower is non-existent and I am really a bad bookworm, I know! But all in all, I am doing good… and the series that I have ended so far are some quite good ones, too!

  1. Finishing School by Gail Carriger. I love this author and her series. Her humor and her characters are something spectacular, that you just have to love!
  2. Arcadia Bell series by Jenn Bennet. This is an urban fantasy series, and even if I liked more the first two volumes, and I am not 100% happy with the last book, I enjoyed the reading and I really liked it! So if you are in need of a fast and short UF series (ehy! There are only 4 books in it!!!) with good characters and interesting worldbuilding this one is waiting for you!
  3. Graceling Realms by Kristine Cashore. I started this series ages ago, but finally, I can say that I have read it all! My favorite is the second book, is the one that I really liked, but it’s a good trilogy!
  4. Blood of Eden by Julie Kagawa was another trilogy that I have started some years ago and never get around to finish it. And like the previous one, I have read the second and third book in a few months. I enjoyed it, but not loved. It was lacking something, even if I can’t pinpoint it. Anyway, the best thing about this series is Jackal, and the last book was a sort of disappointment, sadly.
  5. House Immortal by Devon Monk. It may become a new refrain, but the last book wasn’t so good here, either. I really appreciated the first book. The second was ok, and the third one was… meh. Not bad, but not good. Quite a plain reading.
  6. Warcross by Marie Lu. I really enjoyed the first book. The second not so much. It was, again, quite a plain reading compared to the first chapter of this series.
  7. Vani Sarca by Alice Basso. This was so good! It’s an Italian series and they haven’t translated it, but it’s a shame because it’s addictive, well written and with some amazing and unforgettable characters. I loved all the books in the series, and this one was the one book that I read in May that wasn’t fantasy related at all. But hey! It came out in May and I just had to read it!



I think that this is one of the reading goal that I would complete for the end of the year. I don’t know about all the other, to be honest, but at least I am doing good with the series, yay!

And what’s about you? How are your reading goals going? And have you finished some series this year? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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