Series Maniac: Gotta read them all!

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? I am so happy about the books I am reading at the moment and today I am here with another post for Wyrd and Wonder so… amazing, isn’t it? So… fantasy for me is about series, because yes, we have some stand-alone, but the majority of them are series and, to be completely honest, I love series. They are the bane of my existence because I start tons of them and then got sidetracked and didn’t finish them. I am a horrible bookworm, sorry not sorry!
But… since we are celebrating fantasy all month long I have decided to talk about some series with you. I would speak about the series I want to finish, the series I want to continue and some series that I want to start. There would be three different posts, and since I haven’t chosen a TBR for this month I hope that maybe I could use this series of posts like some TBR of a sort.

So… today I would share some of the series I hope to finish (and with that I mean the series in which I have to read just one more book, the final one) and here they are:



I have to do better with the series and try to continue more of them because I am nearing the end of the series I have to finish (but not the ones I have to continue, so… not so good!) but here we are! Eona is the second book in this intriguing duology. I enjoyed the first book, even if I was expecting something more. But I had really great expectations, so maybe lowering them would made this second book more enjoyable! The Paladin Caper is the last volume in a funny trilogy. It’s not the funniest ever, but it’s good and I really enjoyed the first two books!
Breakout by Anne Aguirre. When I started this trilogy I wasn’t really in it. I mean, it’s more sci-fi than fantasy and that’s not my cup of tea but… I fell in love with it from the start, so here I am. I hope to read it soon! The Wheel of Osheim. I am enjoying this trilogy a lot. And I have decided (for no reasons whatsover) that I have to finish this series before starting the one with Red Sister. This thing hasn’t forbidden me to read One Word Kill and didn’t stop me from buying Red Sister just the past week so… really, I am without hope. But I hope to finish this one before starting the new series. I don’t know why, but I’ll manage it!
Queen of Fire is, at the moment, at my brother’s house. But it would be soon back in my hands! But… I have the memory of a goldfish and I remember the previous two books but… not so well, so I am seriously thinking about re-reading all the series, before starting this last adventure. But this is an amazing series so I think I can manage this sacrifice! And last but not least, Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie. I just finished the second book in this trilogy, so I am really proud to put it in this list right now. I am feeling very proud and happy!



And then we have those three books, that I am really dying to read, but they aren’t out yet! So, for once is not my fault, yay! And I am really really really looking forward to them. Both of them!

Have you read these series? And which one you have to finish? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

17 thoughts on “Series Maniac: Gotta read them all!

  1. Realms of My Mind says:

    I also read Eon, and then have had Eona sitting on my shelf for….years? It might be time to admit that one isn’t happening….I haven’t started any of Joe Ambercrombie’s First Law series, though I know it’s highly recommended. And I just bought book one in the Nevernight series!

    But I am also very bad about finishing series I’ve started, something I’m trying to be much better about this year! I’ve had….mixed success lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I think I am interested in Eona still, because I liked the idea behind the series even if I didn’t love the first one. I hope to be more lucky with the second.
      And with Abercrombie I am taking my sweet time but I love this series!
      But I really hope you would love Nevernight! 😍😍
      And anyway mixed success is always success!! 😉

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  2. Lynn says:

    Good luck! I should try to attempt something similar, I’m not the greatest at finishing series. That said, Darkdawn is one of my most anticipated books this year! I don’t know The Paladin Caper and Breakout but I really want to read the other series!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. waytoofantasy says:

    Hah, I think all of us Fantasy lovers have this issue with series! I’m embarrassed to say how many open series I have ongoing (close to triple digits). Every year part of my goal is
    to read some sequels and finish some series but it’s rough when new things are always coming out lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky says:

    I used to think I was REALLY good about sticking through a series, but then I started blogging and…yeah. Now my shelves and kindle are bursting with half-finished series. 😀 I guess it helps if the series is complete, but I don’t want to be one of those “I refuse to buy/read books in a series that isn’t finished” readers.

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