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Hello wonderful people! How are you? Today I am here with my second post for Wyrd and Wonder and I am really really excited about it! I may have a little obsession with a fantasy/musical/humorous tv series, and this series is Galavant! I loved it and, even if I have watched it in November, its music is keeping me company till today. I am listening to those songs over and over and I am loving them so much! As I still love all the amazing characters that we met… so I thought to share my obsession with you all with a book tag about this series. And if you haven’t watched it yet… well, go, watch it and come back to do the tag, too!


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  2. Answer the prompts! (If they are too much, just some of them is still good! )
  3.  Tag some friends! The more, the merrier!

So… are you ready?

the hero in shining armor who can do no wrong! The most classic of classics: a book with the most classic tropes.


I have started this series ages ago and I never finished it. I want to, obviously, and sooner or later I would come around and go back to it. I am not a huge fan of Jordan, but I like this series well enough, and it’s a classic so… that’s my choice!

King Richard
The evil King turns hero’s BFF. A book with a great friendship in it.

I had a hard time to choose a book for this prompt because I had some good ones in mind but in the end, this one won out. It’s an amazing book, with a great plot, a lot of action and adventures, delicious humor here and there, but, overall an amazing friendship. So I just had to put this one here.

the brute with a soft heart… Kind of, somewhere, hidden deep and all that. A grim book with some unexpected sweetness or cuteness in it.


I now that choosing a book from the GrimDark Lord may seem strange. But Abercrombie creates some great characters, and all of them are deeply human, in a way that it may be sort of cute. I may have a peculiar sense for what is cute and sweet, that much I admit, and I admit that those characters aren’t exactly friendly. And that if I would meet them in real life I would be scared. A lot! But I can’t help myself, and their humanity makes them cute to me. Sort of!

The princess who saves herself. And helps out the hero on the way. A book with a strong-willed and/or resourceful heroine.


I loved this series for a ton of reasons, and one of the major ones was the couple of MCs: Olgun and Widdershins. Shins is a great heroine, full of resource, sassy, compassionate, and I loved her. So that’s the right book for this prompt. I love books with a kick-ass heroine, or a sassy one or a strong one, so I had plenty to choose from, but I love this series and I think that it deserves a lot more of love, so here we are!

the best ego ever with sassiness all around! Also no feeling. Lust to spare and ambitious like hell. Being just like her may not be healthy, but everyone deserves to feel like her from time to time. A book with a character who you admire or you find inspirational.


So… Madalena is not the best role model ever, mind me. But I think that she’s one of my favorite characters ever, because yes, I think that everyone needs, from time to time, to be more like her! And I had a hard time choosing the right book here, but in the end, Alexia Tarabotti is quite the character. And the series has a lot of amazing characters: Lord Maccon and Akeldama were the ones more dear to my heart, but every single character is great. And every single one of them has something to teach you. And Alexia, with her strong will and her no-nonsense attitude, is inspirational, a lot!

the ever-present (and ever forgotten) sidekick. A book that you enjoyed while you were reading it but that, once closed, was completely forgettable.


Poor Sid! I loved Jane Slayer and this kind of mash-up always crack me up. I like the idea of them, and I think that they are brilliant and pure genius. Because, come on! The author really did a great job and I don’t see it as a simple thing. So I love the idea behind it, and I enjoyed the idea a lot. But in the end, it’s not something I would keep with me. Even if I enjoyed the reading!

Gwynne & Vincenzo
the cutest couple ever. They don’t dream big, they just want to be together. A book with the best couple ever for you!


This two were just so adorable! And one of the best couples ever is Kate & Curran from the Kate Daniel’s series by Ilona Andrews. I loved both of them as characters, and I love them even more as a couple. Their relationship is full of banter, humor, irony, but also love, caring and deep affection. And trust.

Tad Cooper
the dragon pal. Or maybe not. This little fella would steal your heart away. A book that is often overlooked but that you think it deserves more hype and more love.


I really love this series, and I think it deserves more hype! We have good writing, plots full of action, twists, adventure, amazing characters, great dialogues and narration that would take you into those books. You simply put them down! So yeah! They deserve a lot of love! And ok, I just have read the first volume (with the first two books into it) but I loved it and I am so looking forward to reading the others!

The Wedding Planner
the villain not so villain, and with some neat tricks up his sleeves. A book with a villain who wasn’t so bad.


Villains are not my cup of tea, to be honest. I mean, we all need them, but usually, I don’t fall for the villain. They are bad, they do bad things and I don’t like them. Morally great characters? Hell yeah! Complex character more neutral than good? Bring them on! Cruel and calculating? They’re ok too! But the villain of the story? Hmm… nope. Usually, I don’t like them a lot. But I think Melisande is a great antagonist, even if, you guessed it, I wasn’t rooting for her!

Special Guests
random characters who spiced up the story and are special guests of the show. For once be the star and choice your special guest! Nominated a book just for the sake of it!


Well, I wanted to use Red Rising from the start in this tag, because it could fit a lot of prompt, so in the end here we are! When I started it I didn’t have expectations because  sci-fi and dystopian aren’t my favorite, and I just read it because I won a give away for the Italian edition when it came out. And you know what? I fell in love with it, deeply! And the rest of this trilogy is sooooo good, too!

The Pirates
they’re the Lord’s of the sea… Sort of! A book with a great set of characters (and if they made you laugh, you’ll get a bonus point!)


The characters in The Others series are the best! Both in the main series and in the companion books. They are amazing. Real. And they all will make of you feel. Feeling all around! We have the most amazing group of caring beings. And the most annoying human beings, to be honest. I felt affection for all the characters (and I was annoyed and really pissed of with all the “villains”) and I think that they are the best feature of this series, even if there is a lot of good here!

the master of recaps! A book that you feel like rereading before going on with the series because you need the recap!


I have goldfish memory so this would have been a really long list, because there are a lot of series that I want to re-read before continuing them. The life of a goldfish bookworm is a hard one, let me tell you this. So it was a really hard choice, but in the end, I decided for this one, because here in Italy the third volume of this amazing series would be out soon and I think I would use the summer to immerse myself in it.

The D. E. L. (The Dark Evil Lord)
the villain of the villains but also your fashion consultant. The character you’re dying to met (but you won’t because there will not be a third season). The book you are dying to read. 


I need this book. And I need this ASAP! I could go on and rant about how much I need this book, but I would leave it at this: I need it and I need it now!

So… that was all. It was a pretty long tag, I know, and I am sorry (nope, that’s not true) but we have so many good characters in this series that I was feeling guilty leaving some of them out so… they are all here! Ok, they are not really all of them, but I tried! And I hope you enjoyed reading it!

I tag:

  1. Ash @A cat, A Book and A Cup of Tea
  2. Lien @Lynn’s Film & Book Review
  3. Imyril @There’s Always Room For One More…

What do you think of these books? And of the tv series? Let me know! And if you do the tag let me know so I can read your answers!

Happy reading!

14 thoughts on “Galavant Book Tag!

  1. Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky says:

    Ummmm how did you get into my brain?? I ADORE Galavant and I’ve rewatched the episodes more times than is probably healthy. I was so gutted when they cancelled it! And Madalena is amazing. Everyone should aspire to go from a kidnapped commoner to the kind-of-evil Queen of the realm. 😀


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