The New Name is Here!

Hello people! Today is the day!!! I can’t believe it, but I have done it! I have changed the name of the blog!


This was originally the name of my Italian blog, was and is, and it’s a name I really like, and that, more important, I feel like “mine” in a way that the previous one wasn’t. And so here I am, with one of the many changes I want to do around here.

At the end of the next month, I would change the address of the blog, too, but for now, I’ve just changed the name, to let all this new thing settle down a little.

So, the first but not the last… I started from here, but starting today you can also find the blog on bloglovin’:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

And give me time, I would find and follow everyone on there, too! Today the post is really short, but it was really stressful to write and it’s full of new things! I just wanted to set things in motion, because I want to dedicate myself completely to Wyrd and Wonder in May and planning and keep track of all the things I want to change around here was becoming a tiny little bit too much for my poor old self!
So, for now, we have a new name (I am too excited and I just have to repeat this thing over and over, sorry not sorry!) and the Bloglovin’ profile! (So I can finally follow some blogger blogs, too, yay!). In the I hope near future you would find:

  • The Bloglovin’ button somewhere on the sidebar (as soon as I understand how to do it)
  • A Tumblr profile (I would try that one, too!)
  • Some new contents (because all this planning is good and wonderful, yes, but I haven’t forgotten about the posts! There would be posts in there, too, I promise!)
  • A new graphics (this would be the last thing to come, but I am so excited about it!)

I’m really glad to be back in the blogging community, I’ve missed it so much! And all these changes to my little blog are really helping me out. So, for now, you have to have some patience with me, because this would be a long work in progress, but I am back and so happy about it!


That’s all for today! Let me know what you think about it! And if you have some piece of advice about all the working in there, please do share!!!
Happy reading!


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