Of Me Stuck in A Rut and Of Doubts about Blogging… Send Help!

Where I complain a lot! But you can just skip to the second half of it (past the Sadness gif) and read the part about blogging because I really need some pieces of advice! 

Hello people! I have not disappeared from the face of the earth, but I have retired for a while in a comfy black hole of tiredness, zero willpower, low levels of energy and a sort of “Who cares” attitude. I was stuck in a rut and I went through the worst reading and blogging, and social media too slump ever and I couldn’t seem to care too much about it all.
The problem is that it was quite a lot of things altogether, nothing major and nothing really bad, and I know I was lucky but it was just too much and I simply had to take some time off.
Part of the problem was the real life… I had a rough couple of months, working wise because my schedule was full. Long working day (really long) with not so much sleep (and your girl here needs a lot of sleep!) and just one day off each week (and the problem is that my boyfriend live in another city and my family in yet another one so I spent my free day traveling around) and so my free time for house chores, blogging and socialize was almost non existent. Sometimes I feel like the words “Desperate Housewife” really applies to me… and I am not a housewife, I have no children or pets around and my home is not so big. How it’s possible for other people to manage work, home, children, pets and blogging too, it’s just mindblowing. So, if you do it… I really think you are amazing!!!!cdrirhf

And it seems like I didn’t agree with the weather too… Here this year the weather is crazy (sunny and hot one day, freezing cold the next, and so on) and it didn’t sit so well with me… I was always tired and I got a lot of headaches or back pains. Yay!
And that wasn’t enough… I saw this reading slump coming from miles away and I… Did I try to beat it? To evade it? To minimize the casualties? Nope. I Did the dumbest thing ever and just run towards it. And don’t even ask me why, because I honestly don’t know.

March wasn’t a great reading month, I read some good books but not enough, so I was just feeling quite bored and not so motivated… I was feeling low, and at the top of it, I added a couple of reading out of my comfort zone that didn’t help at all. And it wasn’t that they were bad books, absolutely no! One of them was Moab is My Washpot by Stephen Fry and I enjoyed it (it was my first Fry’s book ever but it won’t be the last) but it was an autobiography, so yes, out of my comfort zone and a slow reading on top of a month of slow reading (and it’s not a fault, I mean obviously it could not have been fast-paced and full of action, I know) but it was kinda like the straw that brakes the camel, as to say. So that book was the wrong choice for that specific period but I could have helped the thing out choosing a more intriguing book after that one, maybe a book from an author that I love, maybe something fast and fun, right back in my comfort zone. It would have been smart, right? So I had to go and start reading two of the wrongest book ever: The Chemist by S. Meyer and The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers by Margaret George. This last one is not bad, but I had to DNF it for a while, because yes, another autobiography, even if not a real one, is not the thing I need right now. So I have put it back on my shelves and now I would wait for its moment to come again. While The Chemist… oh well. I had to finish that book because I wanted to know how the story would end (even if it was quite predictable). To be honest it wasn’t so bad. But it wasn’t so good either. And I did know it, because before starting it I have read some reviews and I knew well what I was going to read. And yet I did the dumbest thing and went bullhead toward it… and then the worst reading slump ever got its clutches on me and it kept me company for almost a month… a month without books is like a nightmare, trust me!!!


And then come the blogging part… Because on top of all that I had sort of fallen out of love with this blog. The fact is that I have another blog, it’s my Italian blog, it’s older than this one and it’s about books, too. I was happy with it but I was feeling like it was too confining, because most of the books I read are in English and, most of them, aren’t translated in Italian so, often, I wrote there about the books that you can find in Italy too, and not about all the other ones and this was not sitting so well with me, I wanted more from my blog, I wanted to speak about all the fabulous books I read, and not just the one they translated, so I decided to start an International blog too. And I didn’t use the same name of my Italian blog because I wanted to speak not only about books but about other things too… so I choose something different, something less bookish. But… you know what? In the end I just speak about books (yes, I can maybe speak about movies or tv series, but it’s a small thing) because it’s what I am feeling comfortable around, it’s what I love and usually when I find the time to write a blog post I just want to speak about books… so I am back to the beginning. And I discovered that the name of my Italian blog is really dear to me, I like it and I found it is more me than this one. I think that the name I choose is not the right one… so I am seriously thinking about changing it and adopting the same name for both blogs. What do you say about it?

And I am thinking to start using Tumblr and Bloglovin too. I’m almost sure to use Bloglovin in the near future, and not so sure about Tumblr, to be honest. So here I am, asking your opinion about this thing, too. What do you say? Do you use them for your blog? Are there some social that you love to use with your blog?

Sorry, I know this is quite a long post, and it’s not informative at all, it’s just a big complain and an even bigger request for help, and I am not done yet. I really need to change things around here, because this isn’t feeling right, I am not feeling this blog like mine-mine and this sound so wrong. So I would try and change some contents, too, wait for it! And the graphics. I need to do a makeover for this blog. So… do you have someone to recommends who does graphics for blogger?

Also, I would do some poll on twitter about these same topics, I have warned you! And now I just have a tiny little thing to say… the last one, but not the less important!


So thank you, guys! And if you have some pieces of advice or some answers to my previous questions, please, pretty pretty please, share them with me! 

Happy Reading!

24 thoughts on “Of Me Stuck in A Rut and Of Doubts about Blogging… Send Help!

  1. Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books says:

    I know this feeling! We often talk about reading slumps but blogging slumps are so real as well!

    I think changing the name of your blog to something that feels more like you is a great idea.

    I have a Tumblr for my blog but I never use it. I keep meaning to look more in to it.

    I got my graphics from Etsy for a very reasonable price. Searching for graphics on there is a great place to start.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime you need someone to bounce ideas off of or just need to talk. My email is kristinkravesbooks@gmail.com.

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  2. bookish bibliophile says:

    wow I don’t know how you manage 2 blogs at once! Why don’t you merge the two blogs into one? I’m sure your readers won’t mind! Also if you are falling out of love with your blog, I know that feeling! I took some time off, then completely redesigned my blog, now I’m in love with it! haha maybe thats just what you needed 😀 don’t put so much pressure on yourself, I’m sure everything will work out just fine in the end. 🙂

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  3. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious says:

    two blogs?! that is a lot, and it is totally understandable that you hit a blogging slump. is there a way to combine them so it is less to manage?

    breaks are also important. I am an advocate for self care, and if you are burned out with no energy, taking time for yourself and re-evaluating your blog and what you want out of it is a good thing. I am on a blogging hiatus right now and it is nice to recharge and slowly get caught up. changing your name/rebranding could be a fun way to get back into the spirit and ready for a comeback when you are energized!

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I thought about combining them, but on the long run it would be more stressful for me. It may be a stupid thing but I’m feeling more at ease with myself when I try to create some content and not just translate it (and maybe wrote the same post in both language) but I would give the thought some consideration anyway and see if something useful comes out of it 😊
      And I wholeheartedly agree with you, breaks are important too! I hope your hiatus would be great for you!


  4. Irina says:

    Ohh noes, slumps can be surprisingly rough. Ok so for what it’s worth yes change the name! I repost on Bloglivin and Tumblr but it hasn’t made much of a difference for me. I like collabs or guest posting to change things up once in a while. I’m not sure any of this helped.

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  5. Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky says:

    Complain away!! I find that it helps to bounce off ideas and worries with other bloggers (b/c the community is just so great). And I I just checked out your Italian blog and my vote is YES, that is a brilliant name and you should totally change this one to that. I mean, if you really want to, that is! My blog name is longer than many other blog names, and I sometimes feel self-conscious about that (which is silly, I admit), so it’ll be nice to have company. 😀

    I got some of my graphics friom Design Bundle: https://designbundles.net/. They also have frequent sales and give out freebies!

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  6. Annemieke says:

    Its good to take a break when you are feeling slumpy. Pushing through rarely makes the slump go away. If the italian name means so much to you I think you should be able to use it here too, maybe with a twist? Is there a way you can combine the two blogs? I mean I know some who write in English and in their native language whenever they feel like it. 🙂

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Yes, I think pushing through it’s worst but sometimes you have to try it anyway (stubbornness can be a bad thing sometimes).
      And luckily the name of my Italian blog is an English sentence so it would be understandable anyway, and I feel that name/sentence more mine than this one so I would try the change in a little bit and see how it goes 🙂 And I thought about combine them but I cannot see that working for me on the long run, but I would think about it some more. Thanks for the support! ♥️

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  7. Kelly | Another Book in the Wall says:

    I can absolutely relate with this feeling! As a matter of fact, I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for a month, myself! My work schedule and school load has been overwhelming, and I haven’t found the time for blogging and reading. But, I think that breaks are super important and helpful for us. If you’re feeling a bit of a blogging burnout, there’s no shame in prioritizing self care and waiting until you’re feeling more up for it! ❤

    I also 100% agree with this weather! I live in California and it has been absurd these past few months. It's raining one day and 85 degrees F the next!

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