2018 Stats!

Hello everyone! How are you? And how are your reading going? Today I would try to write down my stats for the reading I have done in the last year. Usually, I don’t care so much about them, to be honest, but this year I wanted to try and see what would emerge from it. Maybe I would try to add some new goals, or maybe I would be satisfied with them… but to know it you have to keep on reading!


GoodReads says that I have read 204 books this year, and my goal was to read 150 of them, so I am satisfied, even if I was counting on reading a little bit less this year and not more, but… who am I kidding? I cannot complain!!! Anyway, me and GoodReads don’t always see eye to eye on the counting part, but it’s quite accurate nonetheless, and I am too lazy to count them again on my own! What I tried to count on my own are the physical books I have read, the ebooks, the books written by male or female authors and the ARCs (even if with ARCs here I mean every book I have received from NetGalley, editors or authors, even if they weren’t advancend reader copies but the real deal). My counting it’s not precise because I didn’t check it out a second time, but it’s not the right number that is important to me, it’s the tendencies. Like… more ebook or more physical books? And if the count is not exact, well, that’s really not important.

Physical books vs. Ebook: 62  vs.  148

Male Author vs. Female Authors: 72  vs. 134

Arcs Read: 56

The ebooks are on the leading position here, but I hope to read more physical books in this new year, and maybe I would start to go to the local library to help me with that. I moved into my city the last year but I haven’t yet found the time to go and visit the library. I am an awful bookworm, I know!
And about the author I was curious, but I don’t choose my books depending on the genre of the author, male or female it’s not what matters to me, but I was curious to see what would come out of it.
And I am really satisfied with the ARCs. I haven’t reviewed all of them yet, sadly, but I read quite a lot of them this year and I am working on the reviews, so yeah, I think I am satisfied, yay!

My Good Reads challenge for this year is again 150 books. And I hope to read fewer ebooks and more physical books, even if it’s not a priority, because, honestly, if it’s reading it’s good!

And what about you? Do you prefer ebook or the physical ones? And do you pick your books keeping in mind the author genre? Let me know!

Happy reading!


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