Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge!

Hello everyone! Are you ready to see the end of 2018? Have you made some plans or goals for the new year? I’m working on them, and yes, I know I am a little late, but… oh well! But while I think about my new resolutions and goals, I’d like to present to you a new, amazing, reading challenge!

I love the reading challenges, truly love them, but the last year I have decided to take a pause and to not take part in yearly challenges, even if I participated in some readathon and monthly challenges (and I had really a great time with them!) but this year I didn’t resist (I really can’t resist temptation for long, bad me!) and so I have decided to take part in two challenges, or three… oops!
The first one is the one I presented to you all here, hosted by Annemieke, and I am really looking forward to starting it! The second one is one for my Italian blog, hosted by some amazing girls, and the third one is the one I want to speak with you about now!

So… this one is another amazing challenge! It’s a Harry Potter one and a bord game ones, all in a single challenge. How can I resist to something like that???? The host is Noura atΒ The Perks of Being NouraΒ and she did a great job! The board is amazing and I fell in love the first time I saw it! She even made the pdf version of it so we can print it!


So yeah, I am looking forward to the new year to start because I am dying to dive in in those amazing reading challenges!

And you? Are you taking part in some reading challenge? Which one?? Let me know!!!!

Happy reading!

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